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oral interview questions

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  • oral interview questions

    Hi all,

    I had a oral interview with a firefighter interview panel and I failed. The board had all officers Capt. and lieutenants of the fire department. They asked what is your care level, whats firefighter level ie FF I or II, and whats your education level. they said we want you to answer the rest of the questions with personal life experiences.

    what does serving the public mean to you? I said, something that is done to help people rather than make a profit.
    should I have said something more like Using your gifts passions and education to perform duties or services to help others Rather than make a profit. I stopped and waited for panel to ask the second half of the question how would you full fill this but about 4 seconds later they just moved on to the next question. should I have just given my life experience?

    what have you done to prepare for the job as a firefighter
    I started with my experience rather than my education because i thought to myself they asked about my care level firefighter level and education level. I been a Paid on call firefighter and EMT for over a decade. on xx paid on call fire department and at xx Private ambulance company as a firefighter i have ran fire calls hazmat calls Public education and worked as a team. As a emt I run about 15 calls a day in the city of XX so I have ran thousands of calls. Some of the higher stress events I Have run are getting shot at during the riots while diving down the streets in the cold zone, during a routine medical call shot at during a firefighter was grazed in the head with a bullet. the panel said thank you you have it covered.
    why do you want to be a firefighter in this city
    I started with the fire department was first initiated in 1855 and its 25.43 square miles and protects a population of around 100000 people. Currently the firedeparmemt has 5 stations that protect several high hazard areas such as snap on tools, ocean spray MFG as well as 23 middle schools at this point I stopped to gather my thoughts and the the oral board said you have it covered you know more numbers then me so we can see you did your research I said yes I did if you want more I know a lot more about the city and the fire department he said no you have it covered.

    form the job post what is the general overview of this position?
    I sat and thought said I can only remember three i named the three things then they said ok just name the job as a firefighter i stated with public education scene safety and incident stabilization. spending time studding training inspecting and maintaining equipment and apparatus and cleaning and maintaining quarters.

    at the end of the interview do you have any questions or anything you would like to add.
    i said one question how many firefighters do you have to plane to hire?
    I would like to add that I don't just take from my employer I also give back for example im the Chief union steward that is a non paid position that I volunteer for. I have a lot more volunteer work I do in my personal life would you like to hear more? they said no how about my education life experience or other jobs? no you have it covered. I thank them for there time and said I hope i get to work with you all today and put my words in to action and show you Im the person you can be proud of being a firefighter for this department.

    Any help I would greatly appreciate

    thank you
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    So how many were they hiring???

    Do you know about how many they interviewed???

    Did you do practice questions days before the interview??


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      Hiring 10 people.

      i don?t know how many where interviewed.
      all I know is 111 took the written test.
      yes I practiced questions before I interviewed .


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        I have another oral interview in about three weeks that consist of multiple departments in one interview. That I?m preparing 4 now
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          Have you looked into


          if they are hiring 10
          they May have talked to 20-30 people

          you just have to stand out and not sound like a loser.

          not saying your answers did that, sounds like you like to talk, which is better than one sentence answers


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            Yes, I purchased his dvd and test prep 7 years ago. But I will look at the site again and see if anything has changed.


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              Originally posted by topdogs View Post
              Yes, I purchased his dvd and test prep 7 years ago. But I will look at the site again and see if anything has changed.
              Suggest email Capt B and see what suggestions he has.

              I hate to say it, but sometimes feels like a lottery ticket, sometimes you get lucky, especially when all candidates are equal.


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                Originally posted by fire49 View Post

                I hate to say it but sometimes feels like a lottery ticket, sometimes you get lucky, especially when all candidates are equal.
                This MAYBE very very true, as it was mentioned that this was an interview conducted by officers of the department. I have been in on some of these interviews and they are not exactly like the ones you prepare for that are conducted by HR types. Fire officers and/or the administration, in my experiences, can sometimes carry different 'prejudices'. Not your typical prejudices (but those probably still remain in parts of the world) but things you generally think are a plus maybe viewed as a negative to them like prior experience, being in the military, or being a bodybuilder.

                I think your goal is (as mentioned above) is to stand out, in a positive manner. If you search for interview questions you will find that there are only so many "standardized" questions. They are not looking for a rehearsed dry answer on the questions like "whats serving the public mean to you?". It shouldn't be hard to stand out on these questions because 99% of the people you are competing with will answer it with a dry standard answer. The trick I suppose is doing it without looking like a dork.


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                  Thank you for the help I emailed capt. bob

                  I will switch to more positive examples. To be honest I figured it showed I could handle the stress part of the job and making the correct choice. Then calls that made national headlines
                  thank you
                  any more pointers are appreciated
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