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Capt. Rob Private Coaching Worth It?

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  • Capt. Rob Private Coaching Worth It?

    Basically, I have an interview coming up. I already have Capt. Bob's stuff, and it's great. Definitely worth it. But what about the private coaching? It's a very steep price, so I really have to evaluate if it'll improve my chances or not.

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    Originally posted by fire5555
    I have not done it

    Can't hurt !!!!

    Plus, may help bump you over the bottom person they hire, as in if you come in fourth without doing Capt Bob, vs having the coaching and coming in third and getting a JOB!!!!

    I know where I would want to be.

    I still do not understand some people complaining about having to pay to test, to get certs, to pay to travel for an interview????????

    I guess they want to also give doctors a license, with out them going to school, Sure don't want that doctor working on me!!!

    Have to put in the time around here to get a job, and sometimes money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm not complaining about the price, I'm just tight with money.


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      Originally posted by fire5555
      Sorry it was not completely focused at you.

      If it was me, looking for a career, I would find some way to get the money.

      Ask family, friends grandma, etc to donate a few dollars, and tell them your goal.

      Good luck

      Have you tested and interviewed much already???
      Haven't interviewed yet. But not looking at this one as practice. This is the one I want. I just want to know if the private coaching actually helps.


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        Are you talking about Cpt Bob, or Rob from Interview911?



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          look up 1-11 Fire Prep on Facebook. Its a pretty good resource. always have options my friend. heres the link :


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            I don't know what these services offer, but I can say it may be worth it. I've been involved in a significant number of hiring and promotions processes for the past 17 years (not including my own) I am always surprised at how unprepared some candidates are for interviewing (sorry not intending to increase the pressure).

            A few general observations on interviews. Most I've been involved were run by a municipal hiring board (civil service board of sorts made up of lay people from the community) but then included a few chief officers and for promotions added one out of town chief officer).

            The make up of the board can vary greatly, with some members looking for nearly polar opposite answers to the same question. The best bet is to be genuine and honest. It's not hard to spot people trying to give the answer they think people want to hear vs. the real deal. Rarely do these question have a right answer, it's how you answer and why you feel that way that is being analyzed.

            Practice or otherwise find out how to lose the jitters, but not come off cocky. Confidence with believable humility?

            Don't use stock textbook phrases or answers like: "I'm a people person" or "I just want to help people", these are too easy and, lets be honest, rarely the whole truth.

            Lay people want to be confident that new hires will always be studying and trying to be better, that you truly care and want to improve the lives of others, while enjoying the job (camaraderie, schedule, security, family profession) and they love it when you have a connection to the community! If you are from there and live there great, if not, find a reason to want to make the community your home.

            Department personnel want to be sure you'll follow the chain of command, while wanting to study and advance. We want people who will stay, and who will not be a liability in the station (gets along), in the field (knows the job follows orders) and outside work (social media, community).

            If you've had prior issues of a legal nature you may want to put this out front and explain how you've grown from it. Often they know and if you don't come come clean, you may not be worth the perceived risk. We have a recently promoted a lieutenant that we thought wasn't going to be hired at all due to prior issues, but his initial interview story got him hired, and his years of proving he'd grown has made him an invaluable member of the department who is on a clear upward trajectory.

            There are things to never say:
            1. anything that diminishes your motivation, don't tell them you're lazy! Yes, I've seen that, more than once! Well maybe not as overt, but motivation or enthusiasm should not be one of your greatest weaknesses.
            2. Anything that makes them question your ability to follow the rules. Yep, had one candidate explain how he refused to follow "silly" work rules at a job and was fired, but thanks the Union he'd been re-hired. Net result: not hired by FD. Odd thing was, everything else was great. Whole board collectively hung their heads as he stepped out of the room. No reason to have brought the topic up at all, and it was like he chose to shoot off his foot.

            In the end departments and cities want to hire good people. Seriously, a good person. Maybe not the most certified, most fit, or smartest, but someone who truly understands right from wrong and will unquestionably do the right thing. That said, you have to be smart and fit enough and may have to posses minimum certifications to get to the interview...
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              Originally posted by fire5555
              1. I like the ones dressed for the beach, they get my vote.

              2. The ones that come in and slouch in the chair, like they are bored to be there.

              3. The ones that give only one or two sentences, surprised now a days, they do not bring out the cell and text the answer to you!!!!!!!!
              The short answers with no follow up seems to be happening more and more. I'm sure many would rather text their answers or better yet, just give them the job they want, they deserve it for just showing interest.
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