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Hypertension and hiring

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  • Hypertension and hiring

    Hello all. I'm in Army combat medic training (I will be in the National Guard) and I'm currently being evaluated for possible hypertension. It can get as high as 156/94 in front of the white coat due to nerves, but I've been having it taken when I'm at rest and it's been about 138/86 to 142/92. Im 20 years old and 6'2" at 175 lbs and excersize every day. Not really sure what it's from but I'll let the docs determine that. My question is, if I'm discharged (which would likely be an entry level separation as I've only been in the military for basic training and a month and a half of medic training) would I be able to get hired on at a Department if I get my blood pressure down through whatever means used (also is medication for hypertension disqualifying/is the fact I was booted out of the Army for hypertension disqualifying). Just some background I have my state EMT-B and I'm a volunteer at my local FD (FF1 interior firefighter). It's my number one goal when I get back home to graduate paramedic school and/or get hired on by a Department, whether or not the Army decides to keep me. In the mean time, I'm just crossing my fingers that the Army decides to keep me in and that no matter what I get to accomplish my main goal of becoming a career firefighter. Thanks in advance for any advice that may be given and stay safe.

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    Did you have this problem before you enlisted??

    My suggestion is check different department web sites for medical requirements or disqualifiers.

    If you release early, I would find a couple of good doctors, and let them do as many tests as needed to find out if there is a problem or if not a problem.

    From there, decide which way you want to go as far as a career job.

    What state would you be in???


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      No, I did not have this problem before I enlisted. When I went to MEPS it was elevated (likely due to nerves) and I had to get some readings from my civilian Dr. that were like 120/70. But I will be in Upstate New York.


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        Joining the service has a way of bringing the quirks out in a person.

        Go with the flow and see where life takes you.

        If you get put out early, like I said find a couple of good doctors and get some work up done, to assure no problems.

        You know the guard and a full time fire career sometimes do not match



        • #5
          Yes, I'm aware that the guard and the fire department don't always fit hand and glove but both have been dreams of mine so hopefully I can make it work out (best case scenario the Army just gives me time to bring my pressure down or puts me on meds). But thank you for your responses. Also, does anyone know any firefighters who have hypertension and how they deal with it?


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            Go see a couple good civilian doctors let the test you, and advise you.


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              Thanks for the advice. Went in to see the Army Doc and my bp was 135/82. Still needs to come down but I think that it could be nerves when I enter the Dr's office. It's under the Army's standards of 140/90 but I'll definitely find a good civilian Doc when I get back then focus on getting the job.


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                Much has changed since the ADA Law. Candidates who have some medical situations can be hired on a base line for future consideration on the job.

                With the stresses of trying to put things together to get a fire job this is not uncommon. Yes, go to your doctor and have him evaluate you for HP. If he finds you fit for duty have him give you a letter. If the situation comes up in the medical, then, and only then produce the letter. It?s better to extinguish the situation right then instead of trying to fight your way back in later.

                It could be White Coat Syndrome where your BP elevates when you?re at the doctors office. A candidate was having a similar problem at his medical. The doctor had him go for a walk, come back, lay down for a while and took his BP again. He passed.

                I?ve heard from candidates who have taken aValium before their doctor visit.

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                "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

                More Tips on getting hired and promoted by Firehouse Contributing Author Fire “Captain Bob” Articles here:

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