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Workout routine!

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  • Workout routine!

    Hello all I've come to seek out any workout guru that can comment on a workout that I have designed. I'm currently in my states fire academy and am trying to get into even better shape. I'm open to all suggestions and would love to hear ideas for firefighter specific workouts!

    Workout. Forty five- sixty minutes. Excluding run.
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.
    All workouts include three dedicated sections, Weights, circuit and boxing, roughly twenty minutes per section with very limited breaks. Random pieces are added in and running can be switched out for circuit workout. Hang board and grip training are added in between workouts. Hikes, basketball, rock climbing etc should be performed whenever possible and can only be replaced with the workout day if the event falls on the same time you’d preform the workout.

    • Dumbbell bench press 4x10-rotate with bench press 5x5
    • Dumbbell bench flies 4x10
    • Dumbbell pullover 4x12
    • Dumbbell back row 4x10
    • Dumbbell overhand row 4x10-rotate with overhand row 5x5
    • Dumbbell dead lifts 4x15- rotate with deadlift 3x6
    Marsoc shortcard.
    1. 30 Push Ups
    2. 30 Air Squats
    3. 30 Crunches
    4. 10 Burpees
    5. 10 Windmills (stretch/relax)
    6. 30 Push Ups
    7. 30 Mountain Climbers
    8. 30 Flutter Kicks
    9. 10 Burpees
    10. 10 Cherry Pickers (stretch/relax)
    11. 30 Push Ups
    12. 30 Star Jumpers
    13. 30 Back Extensions
    14. 10 Burpees
    15. 10 Chain Breakers (stretch/relax)
    16. 30 Push Ups
    17. 30 Lunges
    18. 30 Hello Dollies
    19. 10 Burpees
    20. 10 Trunk Twists (stretch/relax)
    21. 3 max sets of dead hang pull ups

    Speedbag eight minutes
    Shadow box eight minutes

    • Goblet squat 4x12
    • Calf raise 4x15
    • Step up 3x8
    • Lunge 3x10
    • Plank push up 3x20
    • Toe touch 2x10
    • Twisting plank 2x10
    • Dumbbell Crunch 3x8
    Hotshot workout- workouts performed till failure until rep goal is reached.
    1. Pushups 100 reps
    2. Flutterkicks 100 reps
    3. Bentover barbell rows 100 reps
    4. Barbell curl 50 reps
    5. Shoulder press 50 reps
    6. Burpees 50 reps
    7. Overhead squat 50 reps
    Heavy bag 40-40-40 five count
    Jump rope minute half five count

    • Dumbbell overhead press 4x10 rotate with overhead press 5x5
    • Shrugs 4x12
    • Rear delt raise 3x10
    • Upright row 3x10
    • Tricep extension 4x12
    • Tricep kickback 4x12
    • Skullcrusher 3x12
    • Hammer curl 4x10
    • Concentration curl 3x8
    • Till failure 3 count
    Marsoc or hotshot
    Jump rope till failure
    Heavy bag till failure

    Fire academy PT, either as a class or by myself. Involves a lot of functional moves: tire flips, tire throws, lunges with sand pipe, step up with bottles, ladder pushup, bear crawl.

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    I think youve got a pretty well rounded workout here. Only thing Id suggest adding is stairclimbing in your gear, SCBA, carrying a section of hose bundle (1 3/4 or 2 1/2). I do this at least 2 sometimes 3 days a week and I couple it with my leg day in the gym. So for example in the morning Ill climb and then at night Ill lift. It really helps you put a beating on your legs. The only other thing Id suggest is pay attention and listen to your body. Youve got a lot going on in this regiment and if you arent careful, you could easily get injured. And lastly do something EVERY SINGLE DAY. No days off. That doesnt mean train the same muscle groups days in a row, but do something every single day that makes you work and sweat. Do all of that and I think youre set.


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      Originally posted by TowerRescue View Post
      onAnd lastly do something EVERY SINGLE DAY. No days off.
      I would disagree with that. The body does need time to recover both physically and mentally. I workout 6 days a week as well, and I know my body needs that 7th day to recover and start fresh. As well if the poster is in a recruit class, he should take some time off to fully rest the body and mind. There are also Studies that show that not taking a rest day can have adverse negative affects.

      All athletes take a day off, Even crossfit people have rest days. It's not a mark of shame.
      Co 11
      Virginia Beach FD

      Amateurs practice until they get it right; professionals practice until they cannot get it wrong. Which one are you?

      'The fire went out and nobody got hurt' is a poor excuse for a fireground critique.


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        I have some exercises for punching harder here: https://martialartskills.com/how-to-punch-harder/
        Osoto Gari: major outer reaping throw


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          Our fire dept recently purchased some fitness gear and a book called Firefighter Functional Fitness. You should check out the book; might give some new ideas:



          300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


          Upper 300x250