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CPAT failed, where can I take it?

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  • CPAT failed, where can I take it?

    I am trying to get on with the Atlanta Fire Department. I was very close to passing, but unsuccessful. I am extremely frustrated. One of the recruiters informed me that if I can find a location to take it and bring in the certificate, that they would keep me in the hiring process. I am willing to go anywhere within a reasonable driving distance to take the CPAT again. If anyone knows of a department testing in the very near future, please let me know. I would consider driving anywhere in the southeast. Thank you.

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    What part did you fail at?
    Technique at a certain station, stairmachine or overall time?


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      Also, you may want to focus your training regimen on getting ready for the academy, not the cpat. The cpat is used as the bare minimum to establish whether you are trainable to do this job. If your struggling during the cpat, your going to have an awful time during an academy or an intern orientation.


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          Reality check:

          Even if you barely pass the CPAT it is HIGHLY unlikely you will make it through a career academy.
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            A one legged, sightless person should be able to pass most cpat tests now days.

            They have watered them down so much so either can pass it.

            The fire service is hiring mommy's boys and girls which couldn't carry a stack of newspapers, let alone firefighting equipment.

            It getting pitiful on what is being hired and sent to the academy and they have to coddle them and lead them by the hand to do everything.

            All the can do is text and get on the computer and pay games and say LIKE, Like


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              I'm honestly not trying to sound like a complete azzhead but, how good of shape are you in? Myself and a group of guys at my station set up and conducted our own little CPAT test at our station. Comprised of all the same tests our state conducts, and all of us (Including a number of horizontally challenged fellows) passed it just fine.

              Maybe you should hit the gym first.
              Opinions expressed by myself here are just that, mine. And not that of ANY organization or service I am affiliated with.


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                I agree, that failing the CPAT is not a good sign. Not to be judgemental... go easy guys. I agree that the CPAT is nothing compared to the academy or the career. If you have never trained heavily before, depending on your size and genetic makeup, if you started with a well planned, focused, serious, intense, up-ramping weight training program, plus cardio with a weight vest, it could take you 2-5 years to be ready for an academy. This career is a lifetime of commitment and hard work.

                If you started from scratch, training properly, you could likely pass the CPAT in 6 months. There is a huge difference.

                Small people: some are crazy, crazy strong. So anything is possible... for some.
                Females: Be careful. I am one, so I get to say that!

                I started lifting weights at 13, heavy at 18. I have trained 4-6 days a week for 30 years. 1-2 hours most days I am there. I think I reached my max strength at 32. I am not sure I could have done that job even then. (Though training people who have the capacity is something else: my brain still works... luckily). I am 43, and my body is really slowing down. My legs are still fine (leg press 800 lbs), upper body, not so injury free. Could I have been in the fire service for all these years and not gotten injured? Not without steroids.

                There are other places in the fireservice for people who are not up to the physical demands. Please don't be insulted by this. It's just reality.

                This is no joking matter. People's lives depend on Firefighters... and you need to take that seriously.

                Best of luck to you!
                The CPAT is just the beginning...

                Dr. Jen
                Dr. Jen


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                  You can go to www.nationaltestingnetwork.com to register:
                  Petersburg, Fl

                  Off of the website:
                  National Testing Network provides convenient, professional administration of the Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) for firefighter candidates. Results are available for instant verification by any Network department.

                  National Testing Network provides the Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) according to the International standards. This requires that candidates have the opportunity to attend a CPAT Pre-Test Program, including at least two CPAT Orientation sessions within the eight week period preceding a CPAT test and two timed practice runs of the CPAT within the 30 days prior to the test. The National Testing Network is committed to providing the CPAT in accordance with this agreement. Candidates may choose not to participate in the mandatory/required orientations or practice tests, but will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging that these preparations have been offered.

                  The price for the CPAT is $125 and includes 2 CPAT Orientation sessions. CPAT Practice Tests are $35 per session and include an actual timed run of the CPAT. If the department you are testing for provides vouchers, they will cover varying amounts of these costs. You will be asked for your voucher information at the checkout screen.

                  START WORKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  DCFD Tower 3
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                    You have three chances and you couldn't pass? Come on. Thew other guys that applied and PASSED the AFD CPAT deserve the job. Move on and go to the gym.


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                      my husband proctored a guy who got 'stuck' in the maze.....made it out and still passed....turned out while 'stuck' he BROKE his collarbone!!!...now THAT is a guy I want on my team.....

                      How close to passing were you?


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                        you want a guy who gets stuck and freaks out so much he breaks his collar bone?

                        no thanks, i'll take the one who thinks it through and doesn't break anything.
                        ‎"I was always taught..." Four words impacting fire service education in the most negative of ways. -Bill Carey


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                          Like its been said, the CPAT is the absolute minimum. Failing that is unacceptable. It sounds harsh and many people scold me for it but no matter the amount of heart, it won't get you or me out a jam.
                          ‎"I was always taught..." Four words impacting fire service education in the most negative of ways. -Bill Carey


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                            Originally posted by tajm611 View Post
                            you want a guy who gets stuck and freaks out so much he breaks his collar bone?

                            no thanks, i'll take the one who thinks it through and doesn't break anything.
                            No - he didn't freak...he was pushing through the maze (tubular steel frame covered with tarp like material)....got caught/stuck on one of the bars - guess when he hit it he must have done the damage.....didn't complain, sucked it up and worked through and still passed.....


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                              Here is something to consider. If you are having difficulty passing the CPAT, you will have a very tough time passing a fire department's academy. The FIRE DEPARTMENT does not set the minimum passing time for the CPAT, it's set by the administrators. If the FIRE DEPARTMENT set the time it would a much lower passing time.

                              The reality is that if you are struggling to pass what many consider to be an easy test, you are going to really struggle if you do get hired.

                              Failing the agitlity is not a death sentence, rather it should be a wake up call. The job is very physically demanding. I encourage you to scroll up to Dr. Jen's post and take a look at her post. Click on her website and follow what she recommends.

                              Set a long term goal for not only passing the agility, but for lifelong fitness.
                              For the record, I am not affiliated in any way with her. I just believe she gives good advice.

                              Good luck in your endeavors.
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