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Oral board question I can't figure out

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    This is a situation where the ole "special chocolate chip cookies" comes in handy..... Chocolate flavored XLax..... Gotta luv em.....

    One dose of this and your prized goods will be safe.....
    "Be LOUD, Be PROUD..... It just might save your can someday when goin' through an intersection!!!!!"

    Life on the Truck (Quint) is good.....

    Eat til you're sleepy..... Sleep til you're hungry..... And repeat.....


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      Punch him in the duodenum!
      Jason Brooks
      IAFF Local 2388


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        Originally posted by BCLepore View Post

        We asked a similar issue a few years back whee there was no right answer. We put the candidates in a now win situation. The question went like this:

        You are a rookie firefighter who shows up on his first day. You are carrying your uniforms and personal gear. As you enter teh back door of the fire station, you are doused with a bucket of water. What would you do?

        The answers were predictable (at least most of them). The candidates would put on a dry uniform.....

        The next shift the same thing happens...... The answers were again predictable - I would look up next time.......

        The next shift the same thing happens.......now the candidates got flustered.

        The best answer I heard was one guy (who we hired) said that he would figure out who was responsible for the water dropping and get in early and put on HIS uniform. Now when he got water dropped he would change back into his OWN dry uniform.

        There is a very strong initiation in the fire service. This is why people who were in the military or who played competitive sports fit in so well......

        Paul Lepore
        Division Chief
        How about USE THE FRONT DOOR??? lol......


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          I think what the board is looking for is to see that you can handle a problem or conflict at its simplest form.(FF to FF) I think you should immediately ask the engineer if he knew he was eating your lunch. If he says no, then it is more than likely an honest mistake. If he says yes, then it is obviously malicious or to get a rise out of you. From here you can go without lunch everyday or bring the issue up the chain of command.(Lt. or Capt.) Most boards don't want to see you run to the officers with everything. They want to see that you can address problems on your own.


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