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    Okay im going in to 10th grade hoping to become a firefighter after high school and my question is what are so good exercises to get me in shape im not fat or anything just tall skinny and need in a little bit better shape to get a head start on being fit for firefighting i don't have exercising equipment so i can't do the usual stuff so any basic exercises crunches jumping jacks anything would help or a link to a site with info thanks

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    Low-tech, high-effect training solutions for beast mode aficionados and fitness enthusiasts

    There are numerous links on how to build your own stuff. Check his video articles for plenty of bodyweight workouts as well.

    Also check this out:

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      thanks man and to anyone else anything more would be great the more options the better


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        Any city owned gyms

        School gyms.
        You can use to work out????

        Work for a private gym in order to use the equipment???

        Make your own like in the old days


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          At your age, I wouldn't worry too much about working hard on building muscle mass. There have been questions in the past about using excessive weight while your body is still developing.

          First, a disclaimer... I am in no means a doctor and you should check with a qualified medical professional before beginning any exercise program.

          I'd do some good cardiovascular exercises. Balance it between some short-mid distance running (2-5 miles), cross-trainers, swimming, etc. Keep your weights low. For the next year or two, concentrate on low weight and increased reps. Tone and work on the principles of the mechanics of an exercise routine. You can do a lot of this with equipment around your house. Do push ups. When a regular push-up is easy, start raising your legs and adjusting your hand position to wide arm and diamond positions. Go to a local sports store and invest in some resistance bands. They should come with instructions, but if not, google 'resistance band workouts.' You can replicate many of the gym machines with these bands.

          Something else to work on now would be your flexibility and stretching. These two items alone will help you continue and long and healthy career.

          As you approach graduation, slowly start to add a little more to your exercise routine. Although strength is important, endurance and stamina are more vital, in my opinion. You'll be able to make a tank of air last longer and won't tire out on the fireground as quickly.

          Main thing, don't overdo it now and ruin everything in your future. An injury might cause problems during your medical and jeopardize your fitness later in life.

          And another important thing, keep your background clean... Good luck!


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            Oh...One other thing Rummel! When you come onto a thread asking for advice, keep in mind you're not on your cell phone texting friends. You're communicating with a community of people who represent a huge strata. From wannabe's like yourself to fire chiefs past and present and everything in between. Write as though you're talking to people who are forming an opinion of you. It's really ok to use periods, commas and correct grammar. If you start doing this now, then you won't have some human resource person or oral board telling you to do this later!

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              One other thing, should i focus on cardio now and lifting weights later?


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                Cardio, endurance, stamina, stretching and flexibility. Shouldn't have a lot of weights yet.

                Any weights you are doing now should be lower weights, higher reps and concentrating on performing the exercise PROPERLY and getting complete range of motion.


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                  thanks for the resources edpmedic. I am checking them out
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                    You want to make sure you do well in school. Firefighters are expected to be smart and be able to write well. While it's not the focus of our job, we are expected to complete medical reports and fire prevention records. Make sure you pay attention in english class.

                    Also, make sure to keep your background CLEAN. Do not hang around shady friends. You are a product of your friends.


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                      Nice Stuff

                      I am a doctor.... whom everyone calls by my first name (thank goodness)...

                      All that is said above appears to be true. I speak, though, only in reference to zzyyzx' comments: You are on the right track in terms of training. Males in high school tend (no offense) to try to lift heavy weights because it looks good in front on their friends. They like to compete with one another. Injuries are common. These can "go away" for a time when you are young, then can come back to haunt you later. Easing into proper weight training is the best way to prevent problems.

                      Remember when we all used to do behind the neck military press and behind the neck lat pulls? Who is my generation (yes, I am old) does not have semi- "bad" shoulders from that stuff? Now we know how dangerous they are and avoid them like the plague. To some degree, straight bar bench has the same danger: to the shoulder, from loading, and externally rotated shoulder joint, then, fixing it with a straight bar, and trying to move through a range of motion. Beware of those 3 exercises. Also beware of heavy squats at your age. Risky if not perfect, and with lighter weight/high reps.

                      While there are no studies to prove that weight lifting causes premature closure of growth plates, it is an old "wives tale". I happen to have started many young people training properly, and never stunted their growth. My kid started lifting properly at 12 years old, and is still growing at 16... and is very strong for her age and size. But, it took 3 years to get here from there.

                      You have alot of time to get strong. Be safe. Heed zzyyzx's advice.
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                        stairs. more stairs. weighted stairs.


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