Just wanted to say 'Hi', this looked like the most appropriate sub-forum.

I'm from Charlotte, waiting for the next written-exam (Aprilish probably, but nothing official yet) for the Fire Academy.

I currently work as a Dispatcher for Char-Meck PD, we also are the PSAP for the County. My brother is A Fire/Paramedic Captain in FL, he's the one that got me interested in the Fire side of public safety.

I'm honestly just trying to get hired in any position that is street-level public safety. I think I'd enjoy the heck out of doing either PD or FD work. I certainly like the FD hours, being at the Firehouse and the general camraderie that goes along with it.

I spent 2 years on active duty with the Army National Guard, I really miss the thick-skinned joking around, but the underlying 'closer than family' camraderie that a group of people get when exposed to abnormal stress and dangerous or potentially dangerous situations and training. I really miss active duty, except the 24/7 part where they OWN you. I'm still in the NG as a m-day (drilling) Soldier.

Anyways I figured I'd say hi, I appreciate all ya'll do, and the information on this site is absolutely outstanding! You FF vets have so much knowledge it's great ya'll put it out there for potentials and wannabes like myself to search and find.

Have a great evening,