I'll try to keep this as short and sweet as possible but I don't know how easy that will be.

we were doing training, searchiing for a downed FFer with a blacked out mask and following a hose and the sound of a PASS device. I was really exicted because it's the first "real" in house training we've done in I don't know how long. Well, first off they had the Junior FFers doing it for an hour with everyone else standing around. I first come off as the "know it all noob" when I asked if we could turn the hose line around so we could tell which direction we were headed. Well it finally came to the actually firemen to go, so that's only like 2 of us who actually care about training, everyone else is just standing around and doesnt care to do much. The trainer is the "backbone" of the dept for the last litterally 40 years. I first asked him if he would mind putting an SCBA on (so I could use it to make a harness to drag him as he was the down man also) he said no and asked if I knew how to do it with out the scba. I said "I've seen some different ways yes but which way do you like". Well he showed me and I said I would like to use my rope. (trying to shorten it here) long story short he got hung up on this [email protected] rope and ended up sliging it against the wall and telling me that tools (I'd already been told to put the halligan back and not use it) and ropes and **** were useless. Now I'm still baically not arguing but it is a private converstation and I'm asking him questions. Soon it turned public and he used this senario "what if you roll up on a smoldering fire and you know someone is inside, are you going to waste time to put your gear on?".. Well a long time ago I promised myself I was going to be as safe as possible so I answered as follows "Yes, I always have my gear. If a truck isn't there yet, I might forgo the scba if I know someone is in there. The way I see it, if it's smoldering, it could flash or if its rolling I'm going to be a lot more effective with my PPE on trying to save their life. I'd rather take 30 seconds to be safe and effective then be dumb and die". He then refused to train me any more and told me to leave. The way I see it, I wasn't trying to tell hiim what to do, I said over and over please show me. He was hung on the rope and called it stupid over and over.

thanks, noob.