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Flashlight Comparison

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    I will let you know if anything changes.




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      pelican little ed

      I went with the little ed and love it. Not nearly as big and way bright. I also have a UK 4-AA clipped to my helmet with the light below the brim so it is next to my cheek and lighting where I look.


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        Take the cord and put it around a clip on front of your turnout coat or around the fastener on the radio pocket to hold it in.
        I've got a Little Ed that I feed rechargeable batteries(voids the warranty though)and haven't had much problem other than dropping the daggum thing before figuring out how to secure it.

        Originally posted by ChicagoFF
        Hey mikie, have you worn one on your chest before? Maybe before you invest you should borrow one and try it out. I personally hate the 90 degree chest lights. They are a pain in the *** when you are crawling and they are always in the way of your scba straps. I gave mine away. Just my thoughts on them.


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          Have you seen the Garrity LED model yet?Do you know how well they work in the usual working conditions we see?

          Originally posted by FFFRED
          I usually wear one when I'm the control man and will possibly end up at the standpipe...otherwise Nozzle, Back-up or Doorman I usually just use the trusty garritty light.



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            VUlCAN LIGHT ___ RDF599 hope this helps

            Originally posted by rfd599 View Post

            Another option is a side light. About 1/4 of my fire department carries either a Streamlight Fire Vulcan or Bright Star Light Hawk. There are pro's and con's to each.

            First of all, I have the Fire Vulcan that I have attached to my truck belt. This provides a great beam and the blue tail light LED's show up well in smoke and working on roadways for safety. For the guys that like the shoulder strap, their strap is the best because it offers a quick release style strap that you can easily remove if you need to. The con to this light is that the bulb prongs can become dislodged when your light is banging around on objects and turn off. I have had this happen a few times and this is frustrating.

            I have had the same problem before also, I just contact streamlight about the problem and complained about it. The repair deparment supervisor told me that they have developed a new light socket for the vulcan that is suppose to end the problem of the bulb falling out. They told me to send my light back to them for the repair. I will be sending it in this week.
            Just fyi to all


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              Tests flashlights Peli, StreamLight and etc


              300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


              Upper 300x250