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Too motivated.

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  • Too motivated.

    hey y'all! I'm new to this forum and firefighting! So let me get this ot of the way, I'm 18 and I'd like to do this for a career. I am already firefighter 1 and 2, hazmat ops and mayday certified. I am currently in a program at the college that is teaching me to be an EMTand after I pass the NREMT I was go onto the ALS portion of the degree. So as y'all can tell, I really want to do this. So I recently joined a station near me (as a volunteer) and I ride once a week, and I really enjoy the calls I get to go on. However there is another volunteer that is here that constantly tells me "you know you don't have to come every week right?" And I always respond with "I know but I love this so I always try to come.". And I just kinda left thag at that. In our volunteer meetings the president is asking for people that would be willing to ride more and I told him after the meeting I'd love to ride more and he can contact me whenever he would like and extra body. So obviously it's not like they are over staffed. Sometimes we will get 5 on an engine and it gets a little cramped in the back but we rarely get more than 5. I am due to ride thenonce a month required 24hr shift. And I was informed today by one of my friends who also ride us here that a volunteer (who has been here for 2 months more than me and is younger than me) "does not trust me becuase I ask a lot of questions". One of the Career guys over hear and said "forget him (he didn't say it as nicely) it's good to ask questions" and my friend told me the same thing and he said all the Career guys like me and they love that I'm motivated to learn and that I come up here a lot to get more experience. How ever he said that some of them also say "some times I am too motivated". What is that supposed to mean? Should I stop asking so many questions? Keep in mind I'm new and my friend says that everyone ask as many questions as me when they are new. Do y'all think I should continue like I am or should I slow down on the questions and just go with the flow? Thanks for you input!

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    I am in Virginia. Thank you for your advice!


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      One thing I've realized that almost any good and experienced firefighter will say is that it's always good to ask questions. It shows that you are interested in the field and for the safety of others as well as yourself. Sounds like that younger guy who doesn't trust you needs some more experience.

      You're new to the field so it's natural to be eager. Nothing wrong with that. I don't see how one can be "too motivated". Motivation is a necessity in the fire service. You sound like you're the type of person who is on the right track. I'm also in VA and also a volunteer. About to start my first career job. Good luck to you!!


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        Thank you! and congrats on your job! i love to hear different peoples opinions on the same matter!


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          It sounds like you are absolutely on the right track and have the correct mindset. Don't ever feel bad about asking a question, it is better to ask more and show that you are not only interested but have the drive and desire to do things correctly and efficiently. I would echo what some others have said about maybe holding some questions to a later time in your shift, if they are not directly pertinent to whatever you are currently doing. It definitely seems you have the right attitude though, take in as much information as you can, ask the questions you come up with and work every day to improve upon yourself in this field. It truly is a craft that must be honed on a regular basis, I wouldn't take any stock in anyone who tells you to show up less unless it is creating some type of duty scheduling issue. The only way to continue to get better in this field is to practice your craft.

          Good luck to you.


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