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Bad student signing up for academy

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  • Bad student signing up for academy

    I've really been wanting to join the fire academy at my school (Butte college, Northern California) but I'm really ambivalent due to my track record with grades. As it's my junior year at this school, I have a 2.1 GPA. Passed my fire classes just fine, and I've got EMT coming up this fall. I don't learn well in a classroom environment, but I can teach a class on something if I'm shown how to do it, or get hands on experience. I am also not the most physically blessed person, being 5-8 130# but I am working on it. I would just like some encouragement or words of wisdom beforehand.

    I am a volunteer with the county, but I'm very new and haven't even gotten any form of fire training. I am almost done with a fire science degree, as well. I'm just not a good student so GE is all that's holding me back.


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    I found out once I got into a field I liked I excelled

    Yes did have trouble with some subjects but just extra effort into those and got through them

    Once you pass that is kind of all that counts

    If you are going career would suggest get certs first before AA


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      I has a pretty poor high school student myself. I hated my school and everyone in it, and struggled to get good grades in topics that I didn't have any interest in (in spite of my love of learning).

      Out of HS, I enrolled in the local community college and started taking law enforcement classes (my original career path) and excelled. In the 20 years since my HS graduation, I've done well as I pursue college-level education in my chosen career fields.

      Keep plugging away at it - if you have the interest and desire, you'll be able to overcome your apprehension. Find trusted folks that can tutor and mentor you, and you'll be fine.
      Career Fire Captain
      Volunteer Chief Officer

      Never taking for granted that I'm privileged enough to have the greatest job in the world!


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        I barely passed high school as well, I went to a local college and started my fire science degree and LOVED IT!! So my grades showed that, i was so excited to be doing it i stayed and asked for extra help, did extra hrs at the hospital/ambulance/fire dept.. I graduated with over a 3.0 ave and that was a BIG deal to me.. Getting into shape won't be an issue as long as your heart truly wants it.. I gained a college grand total. Wait for it, 100lbs!! Now i was a football player and was strong and fast but let myself go.. I started to workout and lost some weight. once i went from volly to a career dept that averages over 2 working fires a day I started getting some experience, then i realized tht i was not even close to the shape i needed to be in.. So i bucked up and worked my *** off.. I'm down 75lbs in 3 yrs, running 5ks, and so much more comfortable with myself and my physical ability to do the job! Work your butt off, ask for help and poor your heart into it.. It'll workout


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          I like to think that you can't change history but you can change the future...go into the program with your head up and have the drive to do well, and you will. Apply yourself in everything that you do from here on out and you can be a success.

          As far as your stature..I am almost exactly the same...I'm 5'8" and now up to 140lbs (probably age starting to catch up) but for the longest time I was only 130-135 and I can keep up with just about anyone in our county..if not better. I keep myself in decent conditioning (don't smoke, eat decent, etc) and I can work right along side our biggest guys, and dont think just because you are small that there are no jobs for you..TRUST me..you will begin to notice that people will depend on you for attic jobs and other confined spaces


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            I too brother wasn't a great HS student. I did however do my fire school in HS as a senior and got state certified while in school so that portion I did very well at. I like you learn hands on. It's just your learning style. Keep at it brother. If you have the heart, you can do it. And FFEMT3634's right, being a bit smaller stature isn't a bad thing, as long as you can do the job, who cares. You'll be the next attic rat. Good luck!


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