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    Please be brutally honest.

    I am 28 years old with no training or experience in firefighting. I am at a point in my life where I no longer want to do sales. I want a job that my family and I can be proud.(Hopefully start a tradition) I always wanted to be a firefighter growing up and always managed to find a way to put off going to school. My question first is it too late for me to start this journey? Will having a GED affect me in getting a job once I get all the training? And before anyone raggs on me for having a GED.. I grew up racing motocross, like many other athletes I got hurt and my future of racing went down the tubes . I have down very well for myself and family so far in life, but I want to feel good about what I do for a living...
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    What state are you in? And assume you want to stay there

    Sorry for the generic troll question


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      I am in Ohio close to Cincy. I would be willing to relocate if need be.


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        Twenty-Eight isn't that old to begin a new career. Start looking in the hiring thread. Several departments are now or will be very soon taking applications.

        See the advice that had already been given to some. Also some links are provided.

        Just be willing to move, get in shape physically and mentally and apply, apply apply!
        Stay Safe and Well Out There....

        Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers


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          Online training with some onsite training:::


          Once training is done check this site weekly:::


          Sorry for the cut and paste


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            Thanks. Do departments typically look for someone that is younger?
            Can someone please explain the hiring process of someone with no fire education?

            Should I get education before I apply anywhere?

            I really want to do this, but I don't want to do all the work and not be able to get a job down the road...


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              Varies by city and sometimes state

              You need to check each cities requirements to get hired

              Some cities will hire you off the street and send you through an academy

              Some want you to have Certifications before you apply

              Any college hours.????

              Age is a factor on some departments Normaly around 35 max


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                Maybe 12 college hours. I have always viewed college as a waste since I have always made great money. Oddly enough I am a college recruiter now.
                I Know this may not be what alot you guys want to here, but I want the quickest and most direct way to become firefighter. I have a wife and daughter to support.


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                  As for a direct route? That im afraid is non-existent. Before the downturn in the economy, when departments were hiring regularly, it took most guys anywhere from 3-5 years to get hired. Some longer, and these were highly qualified guys. I use to work for a volunteer department with an incredibly high success rate of getting firefighters hired full time elsewhere of 25%. I would say truly only 1 of 10 people that actually pursue this career seriously ever get hired.

                  Not trying to discourage you, just trying to give you an idea of what chasing this dream entails. It takes commitment, dedication and LOTS of sacrifice. Not to mention, you need to be able to accept rejection. I was fortunate to get hired full time after only 3 and a half years of testing. That was fifteen oral boards, 3 years of volunteering, 1 associates degree, 1 EMT school, 1 fire academy and lots of "thanks, but no thanks" letters later.

                  Good luck to you!
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