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    Dude...I feel for you!! You're only 24 but I'm sure that job you have is sucking the life out of you. Chances are that if you don't make changes soon, what typically happens is people start unconsciously (or perhaps consciously) sabotaging their job. Either by their behavior, or they get burned out and under produce, start burning sick time....you know the drill!! You need a very comprehensive plan for positioning yourself to pursue this career. Now much has been said about what you can do in addition to your current circumstances, but nothing has been said about what you should be doing to CHANGE your current circumstances. BUT, a definite PLAN is needed. Don't sleep on this point either!! I mean it!!

    First and foremost, you want to work from a position of strength rather than a position of weakness. Let's take your financial situation for example. If you're so worried about the need to make a certain amount of money to make ends meet, then work on reducing your debt first. If your wife is going back to work (and it sounds like childcare is gonna be a piece of cake for you) then start reducing your debt a little at a time. Start with credit cards, and other small debt and then start trying to pay off or down some of the big ticket items (except your mortgage, if you have one). What this will do is take all the stress out of trying to test for a department because you're trying to get hired by one that makes the right amount of money to match the debt you've created for yourself. Also if you have credit problems, this is a great time to get that cleared up!! Because a lot of the BIG PREMIERE DEPARTMENTS definitely look at your credit!!

    Secondly, zzyyzx had a great idea!! Look for inside opportunities too. Are there jobs in your company that have positions like safety officers, fire brigades or emergency management workers that you can leverage through your present employer and at the same time be strengthening your position to apply for a much larger department?? Something to think about!!

    Thirdly, some people are looking online or to the virtual classroom for fire science classes, certifications, EMT and apparently, even Paramedic!! But an even better scenario that zzyyzx mentioned is testing for a department that has no requirements for any certs or anything, getting hired and having them pay you while you're in the academy or Paramedic training.

    Lastly bro, whatever you do, make sure the wife co-signs with you on it. You're gonna be busy!! If she's working and then coming home to take care of a 5 month old, she's gonna be busy! And if she can't get any help, the living room couch and you are gonna get to know each other real well!! Involve her with your decisions but most importantly have a P.L.A.N.!!!

    'The Axeman"
    "Purpose, Truth and Passion Yields Power and Dominion IN ACTION!!!"
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      check the texas forestry service, they use to give money for schools, but not sure anymore, with the state of tx economy

      also, check the requirements for grand priaire

      remember with all the departments in the dfw area, that you only work ten days a month, so if you have to drive 60 miles to work ten days a month that is not bad!!!!!!!!!!!! some of our guys drive from ten buck two

      I know one guy works for austin and lives in san antonio

      check the comm web site weekly, and that will tell you waht depts in the area are looking for.


      also, check arlington, i think you have to be emt and they will put you through the fire side.

      also give dfw airport a call to see what they require to get hired


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          """"""How 'hireable' will I be at this point?""""""

          keep looking at the requirements for different departments and you wiull answer you own question::::::::::::


          check the site once a week

          no matter what academy a person goes through, to me it does not matter

          a person can be at the top of thier class and not make it on a department

          I hate to say it but the texas criteria is based on hours on different subjects, as long as the hours get put in and a person can make """" 70 """""
          on the state test they are a firefighter

          EMT is alittle different, you have to know the material.

          not sure how other departments work, but some a employed person may have just a little pull on getting someone in, on the one I work for you have to make a lot of people happy to get through the process, so not much "pull factor" around here.

          we do send out a list of people we are looking out to the shift looking for both good and bad reports, and we get both.

          as far as the academy, most departments have the real one once you are hired, in other words "this is how we do it"


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            If you take your classes at one of the local colleges you may be able to get student loans/grants. I had a guy in my rookie class that got his firefighter/emt from trainingdivision. You could do it either way, just go for it.

            Are you volunteering in Frisco? Not many paid/volunteer depts come to mind.

            Best of luck.


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