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Fdny List 6019

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  • Fdny List 6019

    List 6019 is getting lively as the last class of 2043 begins in January 2008. List 6019 might as well begin it's own life on Congratulations to all the FDNY Firefighters from LIST 2043, to all those in the academy and to all those that tried.

    Post new updates and news. Questions and Answers. FDNY LIST 6019 will be around for awhile. Good luck to everyone.
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    January 20, 2007

    FDNY List 6019 did not arrive without controversy. Lawsuits were filed, discrimination was charged by many different groups, protests were filed but after the smoke settled, The 6019 LIST was formed.

    On that list, according to Mayor Bloomberg:


    Of Top Scoring Test-Takers Most Likely to be Appointed New York City Firefighters,
    Percentage of Minorities Has More Than Doubled
    Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta and Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) Commissioner Martha K. Hirst today announced the results of this year’s written firefighter exam, which was administered by DCAS on January 20, 2007. Of the 21,183 test-takers who passed the exam, 38% are minorities; 3,862 (19%) are Hispanic; 3,487 (17%) are black; and 435 (2%) are Asian. This represents a significant improvement in diversity over the last exam, administered in 2002, where 21% of test-takers who passed the exam were minorities; 12% were Hispanic; 7% were black; and 2% were Asian. Similar improvements were also registered in the number of Native American and Asian individuals who took and passed the exam. Also, there was a 50% increase in the number of women who passed the exam; 770 passed this year compared to 512 who passed in 2002. This is expected to translate into the hiring of more female and minority firefighters than ever before and comes as a result of the New York City Fire Department’s (FDNY) unprecedented recruitment campaign designed to attract a diverse group of qualified applicants.


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      The Breakdown

      Recent numbers (not confirmed) reveal the diversity of the top 4,000 test takers for the January 2007 FDNY Exam 6019:

      Of the top 4000 exam takers:

      33% or 1,333 were minorities:

      18% or 722 were Hispanic
      12% or 491 were Black
      3% or 114 were Asian
      3% or 109 were Women

      If the confirmation shows different, this post will be edited.


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        Excite begins as letters go out.

        For those of you who might not have gotten the packet of info and as it has been stated in a couple of posts, infomation has been received by candidates, I don't know to what number but someone posted 2000 (cannot confirm this) there are 4 scheduled three hour prep courses. Candidates can, if they want (optional), come to one of the prep courses and get an overview of the CPAT test, a nutritional guide line, overview of the FDNY's free 12-week Physical Preparation Program, registration for the free 12-week Physical Preparation Program AND distribution of your free 6-month membership to the New York Sports Club.

        They say in the letter, "This is an opportunity you will not want to miss. It is critical to learn the techniques to master the CPAT. Only those who pass the CPAT will continue on the path towards the best job in the world."

        The dates are Jan. 22, 24 and two classes on the 26. I called them and have a class on the 26th. The person taking the information is very nice and wished me good luck.

        The medical clearance form needs to be filled out by you and your doctor to begin the first class of the Physical Preparation Program scheduled for Feb. 4, 2008. This PPP opportunity will be given to every candidate prior to each class entering the Academy. Only those candidates who have reached his/her 21st birthday on or before June 30, 2008 will be eligible for appointment for the June 2008 Fire Academy Class.

        Later in the spring, the candidate will be scheduled for a MANDATORY separate orientation and practice session to familiarize you, the candidate, with the actual CPAT test apparatus at the actual location where you will be tested. Nothing about if you actually get a practice run and if you pass the practice run you get a by.

        Hope this helps those who have not received the packet. Stay cool and calm, your chance is coming. Although I have to admit it's hard to stay cool and calm. Good luck to all.


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          Posting and Moderating

          The first time I tried to post on, I hit the submit reply button and a statement flashed which without taking a speed reading course, I couldn't read and my post didn't show up. I tried again and was ready for the flash announcement. The gist: You can't post if you are a new member without your post being read by a moderator. I then saw a link saying "New Members" and it kind of explained the Firehouse Rule. What it didn't say is how long your on probation and when your post will show up.

          For me, some posts took two days, some four. They are placed in date/time order for which they were written. So hang in their, keep posting and checking back, they will show up.


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            How about it Hopefully, Irish, Seminole, Nameless, Matty and all you others on List 6019 posting on Firehouse, do you want to start a thread for our list? I see a lot of you are regular posters. Any info will be appreciated by all and hopefully we can all look back at this someday and reminisce about what it was like trying to get on with the FDNY.


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              'A' for effort pal, but the 100+ page FDNY 2006 thread IS the 6019/6506 list-thread.

              C'mon over!
              To Persist is to Conquer.


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                Thanks for the invite Skyline. I actually have been posting on FDNY 2006. The thread has a lot of great information but it's getting crowded with 2043 and 6019 members. It was actually started in January 2006 by members of List 2043. It's not until 700+ posts and 38 pages do you see people posting about taking the January 20, 2007 exam. Kanoobs, in January 2007, began the FDNY List #2043 thread for List 2043 members.

                Originally posted by Kanoobs View Post
                The current FDNY thread is getting a little crowded with chatter about the new test and the next list
                It's now January 2008 and it's a new beginning for List 6019. Thread FDNY 2006 is 139 pages and 2769 posts long. We have all taken the test and it's behind us. We've been ranked and new information about how/when the classes will be formed, the prep for the CPAT, training for the CPAT, practice runs for the CPAT at the academy will be coming out for 6019 and it's different from what happened for List 2043.

                I thought a fresh thread for current information about List 6019 would be helpful as new members from List 6019 begin to show up on


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                  CPAT Video

                  Here's a great link to a video and the explanation of the 8 CPAT events.


                  Although I'm sure they will cover all aspects of the CPAT during the prep class, this might raise some questions to ask during the training.


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                    weight vests

                    For those that might be considering a weight vest, I bought mine from:


                    I'm in no way connected with this company. I've never had one, never wore one and after a Google search, this one looked pretty good. It was a little over $200 with free shipping. I like it although you have to wear a full tee-shirt under it to prevent chaffing. Although I consider myself in pretty good shape and can run 1 1/2 in an easy 12 minutes, putting on the vest was an eye-opener. At fifty pounds, not seventy-five, I was gassed in five minutes and my thighs were screaming.

                    Hint: you may want to try one on at your gym, if they have one.


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                      Hi Hopefully, I'm hopeful too. Haven't heard about background packets. My guess is the CPAT first but that doesn't give them too much time if the class will be in June. Seems like the first CPAT can't be given before May 4th or so. I'm going in the morning on the 26th. Perhaps we will hear then. Maybe guys in the earlier prep class will fill us in.


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                        Originally posted by hopefully09
                        I agree with the weight vest, I am up to 20 minutes up and down stairs with the 50lb, but the first time I put that thing on I was winded bad. If you think you are in shape from running/lifting, you probably aren't. The stairs with the vest is a big wake up call.
                        10-4 on the wake up call. Doesn't seem too bad once you get used to it but I was humbled on my first try.


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                          how you doin fellas..good idea on the new thread, we should def keep everything in a #6019 thread like #2043s got its own. im in the 1,000s and hoping to hear something soon. so just curious, is it def that physicals/backgrounds will be done in the spring and a class goin in sometime in summer? i also think thats how its gonna work. its really nice to see the ball get rolling with 6019 considering 6 months ago we all thought the test was gettin thrown out and ppl were rioting in the streets of new york protesting pretty much hahaha.. well i look forward to staying informed, good luck to everybody..


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                            I'm down to start a new thread for 6019. That'd be awesome to get those packets before Feb.

                            You guys really recommend the weight vest? I would like to get one, too, I just can't believe how much the really good ones (50lbs+) cost. I was thinking about getting one of the blue, 40 lb. smock-looking ones, but it's not adjustable and the weight is much lower on your body than the better ones.

                            Douseit, I wouldn't recommend flat-out running, climbing stairs or using it on the step mill isn't so bad, with that vest on. Having the extra weight, especially if you're running on concrete, will wreak havoc on your knees and other joints. You'll be doing plenty of that during your career in the fire service and just through the course of life, so you might want to take it easy on them now. Just an opinion, though.
                            Just a peon proby in the greatest job in the world; grinning ear to ear.


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                              If you can find a "smock looking" one to practice with it'll probably be closer to what you'll actually use.


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