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  • Submitting Extra Info with the Application

    I know that you should submit things such as transcripts, degrees, certifcations, etc with your application.

    But what about submitting extras that don't relate to firefighting but can show a judge of character.

    For example while in college I was a 2 time NCAA All-American in the sport of track and field. Should I submit one of the certifications of this with my app? This is something that is important to me because I had to work very hard to achieve this.

    What is everyone else's thoughts?

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    My thought is this may be something to bring up during the interview, I had one yesterday and if i had the 2 time all american in my back pocket i can think of a few times it would have come in handy, or to break the ice( as in tell us a little about yourself).


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      Additional info

      I would not submit this information with your application. I would bring it up in the interview section if you got that far. Put it on a resume and bring it with you if allowed.

      I too was a college athlete and named three times to the NCAA D-I academic all American list among other things. I did not send any of my certificates in with my application.
      But if you do make it to the interview process make sure you use this life experience in your questions. It is a great example of hard work, while still getting an education. Shows perseverance and time management!
      Good luck!!
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        I would look at that certificate and say, "So what."

        Why is it included in his firefighter application. If, on the other hand, you were applying for a manager at the local park I would include it.
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          Most of the apps I've done tell you what to send. Often there's a generic category for otehr stuff. If in doubt, call. They won't ask your name.
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            Only submit what they ask for.

            It can certainly work to your advantage in an oral. Who else can tell that story? Understand though even if you list it on a resume if it doesn't come out of your mouth you won't get credit for the experience. Don't just mention it. Relive how you did it with excitement, emotions, color or the actual event. Practice with a recorder until it comes out of your mouth the way you want to panel to hear it.

            or to break the ice( as in tell us a little about yourself).

            I wouldn't use it as part of an answer to this possible question because it is not generaly scored. Consider using it as part of your answer for what you have done to prepare for the position.
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              I wouldn't. Send only what they ask for. Bring it up in the interview as others have said


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                I generally am pretty confident in my decisions to include or not include material, but after not hearing back after taking written tests (despite following up with a polite weekly phone call), I'm reaching out for some feedback.

                I would usually include a copy of my FFI, EMT, and CPR certificate when asked about trade licenses. But what about other fire department courses (i.e. Arson Investigation, etc, pertinent to my volunteer experience)? Does it really make a difference in urban departments?

                This is the application I'm referring to when asking these questions (the prompt to include further information is on the last page)

                Link to BCFD: http://www.ci.baltimore.md.us/govern...pplication.doc


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                  Thank you all in advance for your feedback.


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                    submitting extra

                    I am meeting with my BI and going for my oral soon. I was recenlty on the front page of our paper for a "featured area personality" it talked about my community involvement and being a volley with quotes from my chief and people that know me.

                    Would this be something to submit with my "letters of refrence" or will they find it on their own in the Background investigation or just leave it all together?


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