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Candidates- What can you learn from American Idol? Plenty.

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  • Candidates- What can you learn from American Idol? Plenty.

    Last night we were watching American Idol at the station. Like most people, we were laughing and wondering where do these people come from and what were they even thinking when trying out?

    It was clear these people did little to no prep. work. They lacked in vocal skills, eye contact, didnt know their lines, lacked knowledge about the show and couldnt even dress for the part. As Captain Bob says- "They could not build a bridge between the Candidate and oral board."

    Those exact same qualities next to exist when applying for a fire service job and advancing on to the oral boards. You need to dress and look for the part, know your lines, know your background, the agencies background and have an understanding for the part. Know your resume, background and show you have the talent and background need for the job. If not, youre only wasting your time and theirs.

    And at the end, only 17 people advanced out of over 10,000. Those numbers are real and can paint a picture on how the masses fair in some major fire department's testing process.

    Hope this helps some. Looking back on my testing days and sometimes sitting on an oral board, I can tell you, its obvious who does their homework and simply "rolls the dice".
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    Bump- Saw all the exact same stuff on the new season 8 this week. More unprepared Candidates going in front of expert judges competing for the golden ticket.

    There is a lot a Firefighter Candidate could learn from watching the opening season to American Idol.


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      That is a very good Analogy for Oral boards there CalBou. I went into one with no prep work and of course got no second interview. I refused to do that again and have not since. Study for Oral boards like the written.
      My Oral boards have definately gotten better.
      "The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your action."


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        Bump- Watching American Idol again and its still amazes me the people who get in front of these judges and how unprepared they are.

        But watch the people who are getting selected. They start into their song and you can see the Judge's faces light up and they begin to smile. Captain Bob was right about "building a bridge" between the oral board and the Candidate.

        You people might think its funny, but American Idol is by far one of the best tools a Candidate could use to see how an oral board situation works with both a successful and weak Candidate.


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