A good friend of mine sat on interview panels for another department a while back and shared her experience with me. She said as the first candidates arrived on the first day they learned a few things about the facility they were using to do the interviews. First was that the intake for the heating and air-conditioning was located in the room they were in, and second, that the vents were in the waiting room.

She said that more then half the candidates announced their arrival to the panel long before they saw them. She said on one day they got a little behind and the mingling scents of four guys and one gal were coming under the door like a pink and purple cloud.

When I was younger I had a policy, if the suit went on, it went on over cologne, and if it was cologne, it was Jovan musk for men. As I began testing I had someone mention that I was a little odiferous going into an interview. Not wanting to offend anyone in the future I stopped applying the scents before interviews. Apparently others need to hear the same thing I did back then.

Understand that the cologne scent comes from your body sweating. When you spray it on at first you smell the alcohol evaporating, but after that it comes out as you sweat. So while you may have a very small amount of cologne on, when you begin to sweat in your interview it could cloud your performance.

Julia Colvin, an expert on corprate job interviews, wrote:
“I've had multiple candidates come into my office drenched in perfume, as in the scent remained in my office for the entire day after they left. Understand that just because you can’t smell the scent on yourself doesn’t mean that everyone around you can’t. Also, keep in mind that some of your interviewers may have allergies and it might make it difficult for them to conduct a good interview if they’re sneezing or tearing up due to your perfume.”

While we don’t want people with B.O in the interview, try to take the scents you project into consideration before going into an interview.

Good Luck, Captain Rob

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