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  • How do you score tests?

    I would like to know from anyone who has applied for a full time position and those who have set up their tests, how were they scored. By this I mean what percentages were given for each part of the process? Example - written 15%, oral interview 40%, practical skills 15 %, previous training and job experience 30%. Thanks for your feedback!
    (Applying as a member of the department already moving up to a higher position, not as a new firefighter trying to get on the department for the first time)
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    Everything else: 0% pass/fail

    Oral: 100%

    Thats how it is in all of the departments I have applied for.


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      In most of Texas it goes like this:
      Written gets you on the list - the higher you are, the more likely you are to get called back. Top of the list goes to the PAT which is pass/fail. From there it's background check, then a polygraph to see if you lied about your background. Sometimes a B-PAD is in there and it's pass/fail. If you're background is up to standard then they send you to interview. That's pretty much pass/fail too. If they like you, you get a conditional offer of employment. If they don't like you, try again next time. If you get invited for a medical physical (checkup) and pass you probably got the job. Once you start it's 1-1.5yr probation. There's not really a score system per se. It's a long weed-out process with the final decision being made at the interview.


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        Our dept just hired this week.
        They took your percentage scors from Written, Physical, and Oral averaged them together and the top 3 was offered the job.
        I got 4th but still seems fairest
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          Originally posted by Adammn
          Everything else: 0% pass/fail

          Oral: 100%

          Thats how it is in all of the departments I have applied for.
          Originally posted by agavegrove
          It's a long weed-out process with the final decision being made at the interview.
          With almost all departments it’s the oral board that gets you the J-O-B. What’s surprising is how many don’t prepare to score high enough to get a shot at the badge.

          Even after not getting a job after several attempts they have some how convinced themselves between the four inches between their ears that just around the corner at the next interview they will get the job.

          And the badge goes to?

          Many don’t know what goes on behind the scoring scene
          during and after your interview. I hope this recent e-mail will shed
          some light:

          Capt Bob,
          I took the oral interview with LA City and wanted to write a quick note.

          As you have said before oral board is the most important step in the
          process and the step that is least prepared for. Well I can support
          your statement. As I watched the recording of my score (reading upside
          down) I noticed 60's and 70's on the scores of those that interviewed
          before me. I would assume there were about 25 names on the sheet prior
          to mine. Again the methods you teach do work.

          I want to thank you for the information and tools that you have
          supplied me with in your Program. It worked I scored a 90 and
          hired on with LA City. Thanks again for your help Rich

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