One of the problems many fire applicants have in taking these psychological examinations is that they answer the questions relative to their current career. For example, you may be a top salesman. You work alone, you are at the top of your field, you have a six-figure salary, and have been given many top awards. You may describe yourself in a psychological examination as someone who prefers to work alone, is very successful at doing so, and is highly motivated and driven. Those answers where you state that you prefer to work alone will not get you hired as a firefighter. Although those personality traits are admirable and the individual may be well respected in his field, community, and church – by answering one question where you state you would rather work by yourself, you will automatically eliminate yourself from the firefighting exam process.

A firefighter is an individual who is part of a team; they work as a team and not as an individual. This is just one example of someone who can be very successful in life, yet fail the psychological profile of a successful firefighter. If you need to review the personality characteristics and job analysis again before proceeding to the questions, please do so.

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