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So is it too late?

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  • So is it too late?

    I am an accountant, in damn good shape, and I am looking at changing my career. Here's the million dollar question: I am 50 years old...is it too late to become a paramedic? What would be the best way to approach getting into this career?

    This isn't some lame pipe dream. I'm dead serious. I am not considering this for the hatred of accounting, 'cause I don't hate accounting. I'm doing it because I want to serve, and honestly believe I would be very good at it. Ok...the desk thing...I really need something way more intense and the numbers just don't do it for me any more.

    So let me know what you think, and be realistic and brutal. I've developed a thick skin over the years, and I hate sugar coating. I am also always up to a challenge.

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    I do NOT think its too late to become a PM. Please understand that it is something you just do not walk into. You need to become an EMT first, get some field experience and then start medic school 1-3 years later.

    Get the EMT cert. first, then an ambulance job. Whether you like it or not, you will need the low paying ambulance job/experience first.

    Good luck.


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      Its never too late. Just be financially prepared for the very low pay and long hours. You may be in good health but the hours take a toll on your body.

      As for the age thing, no big deal. I used to work with the oldest active paramedic in the state of FL. He was a retired merchant marine, went through medic school at age 67. He is still a medic and an instructor at age 73 today.

      There are several other stories similar to this one all over FL. I have had several senior citizens in my EMT classes..60 on up.

      Good Luck!


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        Never say never

        I use to say I'd never remarry my ex-wife....and I did!! I retired @ age fifty and work @57 as a contract employee with the Department of Forestry for the State of Idaho. Sure the "Kids" do alot more than I....but I'm right there giving them a hand. So hang in there and follow your dreams and go for it.

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          Go for it, but realize like everyone else said, you'll be taking a pay cut...
          I just got my card EMTP a few months ago. I only had my basic card 4 or 5 months before i started medic school, and I did very well. I dont know your situation, but itll be very difficult to work a full time job (to keep supporting you and your family) and fit in class hours and clinical time. I think it helps to get in soon after you get you basic b/c you still have most of the "text book stuff" that you need to pass medic class. But that a whole other debate...
          Just my 2 cents


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            I'm right there with you...

            I'm 39 and recently completed EMT-B certification and am currently in ALS training. I've gone thru the lengthy recruitment process at a large county paid fire/ems combined service (process included written test, CPAT (physical ability test), medical, polygraph, and psychological....see, very lengthy).

            I too am ready for a new career - a REWARDING career that I believe I was destined for. Unfortunately, it's taken me this long to realize it, and I'm no stranger to hard work having worked many "hands on" jobs dealing with the public throughout my life. I'm currently working at a desk as well and am yearning to serve the public and be out there making a difference.

            I asked the very same question about 1 year ago. I got VERY enthusiastic support that it truly is never too late. I attended night classes for about 4 months and took the VA state test and passed. It's the first step towards my ultimate goal of ALS training and getting hired to the job I believe I was built for.

            My wife fully supports my decision and I have a lot on the line (4 kids). Go to night school. Pull your clinicals between your regular job and STICK TO IT. Prove to yourself that you REALLY want it.

            I think us older guys at this point in our lives can really make a difference out there!!


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              Try it, you may like it. Its like a woman, sometime it is good, other times it isn't. Have to adapt to it. Good luck.

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                My grandpa was a farmer into his mid-50s. When he finally couldn't make a living as a farmer he went to school and got his EMT Basic. He then got hired on a big city EMS service (Fort Worth Medstar). As he worked there he got his Intermediate and then Paramedic. He retired after 13years as a field supervisor. If he stayed in farming he'd be working until he died and even then poorer than before. During it all he lost his wife of 27 years.

                If he can do it, anyone can.


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