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    We were out to dinner this week. The strapping lad in his early twenties who was our server announced in conversation that he was taking classes to become a firefighter. He had several family members who are of were firefighters. His dad is a retired assistant chief. Sounds like he’s on his way. I gave him my card.

    A while later he came back by and said he had something serious to ask us. I replied with, “You didn’t get a DUI did you?” Oh, know he said. But I got caught in my car using mushrooms. O.K. how many times did you use them? Uh, just twice. I’m in a diversion program now and been clean for 8 months. They told me if I finish the program everything would be erased. Were you arrested? Yes.

    We’re you using pot. Well I did in college. How many times did you smoke the herb? I don’t know. It was almost all the time around two years while I was going to college. I said, give me a call and talk about your future. He hasn’t called yet.

    If he had called I would have told him if he was arrested there would be a record. Using mushrooms crosses a line that can raise red flags. Even if he went through a diversion program he would still have to reveal it happened. Because several times in the application, background packet and psych information it asks in several different ways have you ever. If you don’t come straight up and answer truthfully and they find out, your toast.

    Most departments want to see at least 5 years clean of drugs before they will consider you. Yes, there are exceptions. Few. Having smoked pot for 2 years of college will cause concerns with the hiring process and definitely the psych. The doc will have a field day with this one.

    It goes like this. If you want to take a chance using drugs, getting a DUI, running with the wrongs friends than find another career. Why would they want to take a serious look at you when they have 100 other candidates who were responsible enough to understand the ramifications of their actions?

    Yes, there have been candidates who turned their lives around did what was right, gained the necessary education, experience, life values, and learned how to take a firefighter interview to gain a badge. But there aren’t many that can pull it off. There are too many land mines.
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