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    There are several steps in the firefighter test hiring process to becoming a firefighter. The steps include but not limited to the application, the written or video testing, physical agility test, oral interview test, psych interview test, background, polygraph, and medical.

    You need to prepare for every step of this process so you will make it over the hurdle to be able to go on to the next step of the firefighter hiring test process. If not you will be stuck at that position until you gain the skills to pass and move on to the next step. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready for the hiring steps down the road, if you can’t pass the step in front of you will never have the opportunity to use those skills. Too many opportunities have been wasted here.

    I’m constantly baffled when I talk to candidates who have been taking college classes and don’t have their EMT that a lot of departments required to take their test. Other’s haven’t prepared for the written to score high enough to make the cut. Then there are those who thought they were ready for the CPAT but were concentrating so much on the written they failed the agility by 10 seconds. Still others make it all the way to the conditional job offer and don’t prepare for the psych. Then the phone stops ringing. They’re out of the process and they can’t find out why?

    Most if not all the steps are pass-fail except one. The all-important oral board interview test. The oral board gets you the job. Too many have been convinced by the 4 inches between their ears that they have what it takes to score high enough to make the cut to the badge. That just around the corner at the next test they will get their shot. Then the letter arrives and they’re in band C or 365 on the list.
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    Are you ready??

    Captain Bob...As I've stated on another thread I was surprised to see the amount of candidates that I was going to coach for the orals only to find out that they did not pass the first step. When asked to help coach them for mock orals now...I tell them to first pass the first step and then talk to me. I do not charge a dime for my services....but , time is time and I do not mind spending it with someone who has at least has passed on to the next level.

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