The 5-Minute Interview

Many candidates were surprised when they showed up for an interview and it was going to be only fire minutes long. Yes, it was timed. A lot of candidates got time called on them as they were finishing their third answer. One who got time called scored a 67.

Many candidates are caught flat footed when they show up for the interview to find out the interview is only going to be 5 – 10 or 15 minutes. They often panic. Well, how long do you think you have to hook the panel into listening to your stuff before you put them to sleep? About thirty-two seconds! That’s right. So, the rule of thumb is if you can’t do it in 5 plus minutes you can’t do it if you had an hour.

The key here is to come out swinging! It’s having a script ( you can get a script here: ) practiced with a tape recorder so no matter what they throw at you just scan down the key points in your mind to the appropriate prepared presentation and it will flow out. The problem is most candidates aren’t prepared to this point.