I just wanted to take the time to post a thank you to Captain Bob Smith and offer a few words about his "Gold Package" program. I recently got hired in a city Fire Dept. in Connecticut. I bought the Gold Package in the beginning of the examination process and I now realize what a sound investment it was. Some of the tidbits offered therein proved to be invaluable. I put my faith in what I learned and I was rewarded witht the best job imaginable. It's pretty amazing, because the program isn't anything radical. It teaches you how best to utilize your pre-existing skills or knowledge, along with a good dose of common sense. You'll learn how to do your best throughout the hiring process, and achieve the ultimate goal of getting hired. This isn't meant to sound like an infomercial, it's just an honest to goodness endorsement.

By the way,
If you do purchase the program, I challenge you not to well up in tears when you hear the story that Captain Smith tells at the end of the DVD!