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  • How old to get hired?

    There have been a lot of postings here about how old do you have to be, what education and experience you need to get hired. The following are recent PM e-mails from what is thought by many as way too young or can’t make it on candidates who are now firefighters.

    I am only twenty-one, and have no college degree, but thanks to your postings and information I have received two conditionals! After practicing with a tape recorder and rehearsing my answers, the only head-splitting decision I have to make is between a large agency and my hometown department! Thanks again! Chris from California

    Just wanted to let you know that I have been striving to get hired since my 17th birthday and my dream department at a youthful 21 just hired me. I started reading your information and shortly there after I got 2 chiefs interviews. After those interviews I accepted a job with the Seattle Fire Department. I didn't think that this day would come this soon. Thanks for your help in shortening the learning curve. Steve

    Great work! Seattle no less.

    The information you two provided me through the postings was priceless. I am your newest career firefighter at the young age of 21. THANK YOU! Jared

    I start the transitional academy on the 28th of August, which just happens to be 4 days after my 20th birthday. That's right I'm only 19 right now.

    I tried an oral board thinking I knew what I was doing. I bombed it. After that I got serious I took your principles with me to 3 more interviews. Each time I was more confident than before. Finally about a month ago I had an interview with my local district. They were hiring only 8. I thought I had no chance but did it for the experience and had to drop out of another process with a very good department for it. I studied for the written test, geared up for the PAT, studied for the practicals, and prepared for the interview. With my previous oral board experience, my knowledge of the local area and what was happening with the expanding fire district and of course the questions I had prepared for; I was able to put together a coherent interview. I start the transitional academy on the 28th of August, which just happens to be 4 days after my 20th birthday. That's right I'm only 19 right now. My advice to others would be KEEP TRYING. It may take you two, five, or more interviews but do not give up. Also be ready to talk about yourself.

    Follow up questions killed my second interview for one agency, which went straight to the chief’s oral. So be ready; think about all areas of your life, where you want to be what you have done, and what you would do different. Be ready to elaborate. They are trying to get to know YOU. When it comes down to a few people the ones who have shown themselves will be ones who are chosen. Thank you.

    By the way. I think you have done so many of these interviews you could probably sell ice to an Eskimo or a heater to me in the summer. It is obvious that practice does make perfect.

    Andy Tucson, Arizona

    How did they get hired? Looks like they learned how to take a firefighter interview.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

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