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  • Certification Testing in Florida

    Hey Guys,

    I am about to apply to the state of Florida for reciprocity for my fire certification. I am pretty sure they will give me the green light to take their state certifiaction test. I just wanted to touch base and talk with someone that has already do this, or knows the process. I am not worried about the actual test, it is the practical I am conerned with. I have 8 years exp. as a full-time firefighter. It has just been a few years since I had to "do things by the book". Not to say I don't know what I am doing, just a difference between how it is done on the street and how it is done in front of a judge.
    I always hear that Florida is hurting for firefighters. Is that really true?
    Any help or advice would be great. Thanks in advance!

    Be Safe,

    Greg Dietrich

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    Well the testing is basic 101 stuff: basicly a Davis combat challege: Don a mask, pull a hose, ladder a building, stairs, Kieser sled, pull a manaquin etc...

    as far a Florida Needing Firefighter, there are plenty getting pumped out of the academy every month.... what Florida needs is Fire Medics one by one all Depts seem to be becomeing Fire Rescue(Ambulance Transport) and now seems to be when all the Big depts are retiering there senior guys...

    Hope this helped!
    There is Life outside the Firehouse!


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      No offense to wakehead, but he oversimplified the entire process.

      I too was a firefighter/medic for several years before coming to Florida. I ended up redoing the academy because it is the "by the book" stuff that will fail you. I completed the academy in 2/04 so my expereince is fairly recent. I highly recommend you contact the state fire office and find out exactly what they expect of you during the practical portion.

      Usually, unless things have changed recently, you take the Big 3 which is a timed portion of the exam. This consists of donning your mask properly, donning your airpack properly while calling out all the required information, securing your gloves and helmet, then standing up clapping your hands and presenting yourself for inspection. After this station, you procede to the engine where you properly pull a minute man load and flake it ou correctly while advancing to the fron of the engine. You then charge the line properly and advance 75 yards(i think) to a circle. You can NOT step out of the circle. You have 3 cones to knock down, right, left and in front. You have to do it in the order they tell you and you shut down the hose each time in between cones without causing a water hammer. Remember, all of this is timed. You then procedd to a ladder station. Pick up a 24 ft extension ladder usuing all proper commands and advance to a wall. Must verbalize all commands. Properly raise the ladder and extend it. You must also tie the halyard to their standards(make sure its on the right side of the ladder). You then say all the commands indicating that the ladder is ready to be climbed(dogs are locked, halyard secure, 4 points of contact,etc.).

      After the big 3, you then go through some random stations. You will be asked to identify certain tools from the pile laying before you. You will also be asked to demonstrate how to properly tie off whatever tool they choose for hoisting.You may be asked to demonstrate how to properly work off a ladder and how to carry the tool up the ladder. You will also be asked to demonstrate the steps you would go through to make a forcible entry on a door again verbalizing all the proper commands. You may also be asked to connect to a standpipe. Finally, their is a knot tying station. Know your knots!

      This is all I can remember. It is no walk in the park, especially if you are not fresh out of school. The written is pretty tough too but you should be able to get answers right since it is multiple choice.

      Most people have trouble verbalizing all the proper commands by the book. This is where you need to practice.

      Good luck and if you want info on any particular area, I have a lot of resources.


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        AKMedic is right, it was a long time ago for me, as far as Fire Academy goes 1993... it probally would be tougher if you are not fresh out.
        call or visit the Florida Fire College web site for more details..
        There is Life outside the Firehouse!


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          Here's the link to the Florida State Fire College...

          Good luck!
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            AK flight medic is right on the money.

            Coming from out of state w/ experiene will be hard to Challenge Florida's test. I relocated here also with experience and went through the academy and it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. things that you are used to doing in the real world Will NOT Pas You ON THEIR TEST!!! I had a difficult time re-learning the Florida way for the test. since I graduated from the academy things since have changed. I believe it had to do with the way tools were tied off, either to raise or lower. ALWAYS REMEMBER THE SAFETY KNOT! I had the hardest time with that....you never do it in the "real world", just tie it off fast because someone is callling for it. Things are done much different here in Fl. depending where you are coming from. i had a hard time relating to their teaching techniques. As for "hurting for ff's"yes/no. depends where you are looking. as stated earlier most want medics....
            Best of luck to you in your relo to FL.


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              The book is: State Fire College Performance oblectives. It can be found online, on :http://itech.pjc.edu/fire/
              The state practical exam is spelled out in black and white. Follow the performance objectives and you will pass.


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