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Chicago Fire Exam, March 2006

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  • Chicago Fire Exam, March 2006

    Below is an article from the Chicago Sun Times that states the next Chicago Fire exam will be given in March of 2006.

    New exam in works for Chicago firefighters

    Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    By Fran Spielman
    Special to the Daily Southtown

    Chicago City Hall is finalizing plans to hold the city's first firefighters entrance exam in more than a decade to replace a disputed eligibility list that has raised the average age of recruits to nearly 38, an influential alderman says.
    Top mayoral aides believe the graying of rookie firefighters is at least partly to blame for the $13.2 million in overtime racked up by the Chicago Fire Department through Sept. 30, up from $11.6 million during the same period a year ago.

    Even before the new exam is scheduled, Fire Commissioner Cortez Trotter has managed to cut his department's monthly overtime bill in half — from $1.9 million in April to $853,277 in September.

    Aides credit the elimination of one of the city's seven fire districts and increased scrutiny of firefighters on medical leave. Overtime is expected to be further reduced when city hall starts a new round of promotions to battalion chief after posting results from a recent exam. Some battalion chiefs had already received more than $24,000 in overtime through Aug. 31 of this year.

    Ald. Isaac Carothers (29th), chairman of the city council's police and fire committee, said the new firefighters entrance exam is expected to be held next year, possibly sometime in March.

    "We're getting to the point where people are just too old. When you try to hire them, you can't even find them. ... We need to give opportunities to some of these young people who want to be firefighters in Chicago. They can't have opportunities if we don't have an exam," Carothers said.

    Some community leaders have urged the city to scrap the written exam entirely to avoid a repeat of the decade of litigation after the 1995 firefighters entrance exam.

    But Carothers said, "I have confidence that the new commissioner will put together an exam that will be fair and, hopefully, get the desired result of having more diversity in the fire department. The commissioner has done a great job of diversifying management. But we need to diversify the rank-and-file."

    Drafted by an African-American with an eye toward diversifying a Chicago Fire Department with a documented history of discrimination, the 1995 firefighters exam drew more than 26,000 applicants. When the results for minorities were disappointing, the city established a cut-off score of 89 and started randomly hiring from the top 1,800 "well-qualified" candidates.

    In a landmark ruling that could cost Chicago taxpayers $80 million, a federal judge ruled earlier this year that the city's handling of the exam discriminated against African-Americans because it had the effect of perpetuating the predominantly white status quo since 78 percent of those "well-qualified" candidates were white. Not until the fall of 2002 did the city start hiring randomly from among the 20,200 candidates deemed "qualified" with scores of 65 and above.

    Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford acknowledged the inherent problems caused by a hiring list 10 years old.

    Not only are recruits getting older — the average age is now 37.9 years — but if they're too old when they're hired, they're also more likely to "wash out" of the fire academy before completing training, wasting taxpayers money. And if they're too old when they start, the city won't get 20 years work out of them before they hit the mandatory retirement age of 63.

    "To start out being a firefighter, 38 is old. We need to get some younger people in here," Langford said.

    Chicago Sun-Times

    Prep Classes

    Don McNea Fire School conducted prep classes for the last Chicago fire exam in 1995. We will again be conducting prep classes for the 2006 exam. If you would like to be contacted by e-mail of the specifics of the exam and when our prep classes will be held, go to the link below and enter your e-mail address. Good luck !!


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  • #2
    Looks like I'm gonna be goin down to Chi town, does anyone have any info on what their process is like. What company does the written? Is there a polygraph test? Do you have to take a physical test before being put on the list or do you go on the list after the written?



    • #3
      Not Sure

      for the 95 test they did not have a polygraph test. I have a friend who just got called and my brother got on in 97 and they had the same physical test(using your arms to do stationary bicycle pedals, pulling up on a bar three times like doing curls and they take your top one, and walking up stairs with hose) Not sure if there was anything else for the physical. I don't even think they had to do a psych although I may be wrong.


      • #4
        That sounds like a pretty lame physical test.


        • #5
          Do not expect the same type of test that was given last time. There was to many problems with that format. We are looking into finding out what test consultant they will be using for the 2006 exam.

          Brent Collins is an Assistant Fire Chief with the Cleveland Fire Department and President of Don McNea Fire School. Go to www.fireprep.com or www.firemanemtparamedic.com for more information on test taking strategy and advice.

          You can find more on testing secrets by Chief Collins in the Career Article section from the Jobs drop down menu just above this posting.
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          • #6
            Don McNea Fire School, i got a psych prep from you guys.


            • #7

              Have you also heard that the test will be in March 2006?
              I heard that they were having FF take tests at the academy and that people(supposedly test makers) were riding with the CFD downtown.
              I also heard a rumor that the test was going to be purely physical?
              Also does anyone know if their will be prefernce points. There probably will be for Veterans, but will there be any for college ed or emt?


              • #8
                I also heard a rumor that the test was going to be purely physical?

                I would highly doubt that. That would be a first for any city in the US. They have to give some kind of written exam.


                • #9
                  I'll be applying for this one if I'm qualified....

                  I wonder if its gonna be the same turnout as 10 years ago...


                  • #10
                    I hope they dont go with the CHW test, I hate that test more then anything.


                    • #11
                      CWH test is the worst fire test in the country.


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                      • #12
                        CWH Test

                        What is the CWH test? I have only been taking tests for about 8 months(About 5 tests). For one NW Chicago suburb I have completed everything(psych, poly, physical, oral, background check, had my references called including my current employer) except the civil service interview and medical physical. I would really like to get on Chicago however since that is where I have lived my whole life.


                        • #13

                          I just got off the phone with the Chicago Fire training academy.
                          The Mayor and the Fire Commissioner had a press conference today announcing that the fire exam will be held in the spring of 2006. As of right now the test consultant has not been chosen yet. We will keep you posted when we hear anything.

                          Brent Collins is an Assistant Fire Chief with the Cleveland Fire Department and President of Don McNea Fire School. Go to www.fireprep.com or www.firemanemtparamedic.com for more information on test taking strategy and advice.

                          You can find more on testing secrets by Chief Collins in the Career Article section from the Jobs drop down menu just above this posting.
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                          • #14
                            Just as an FYI to all of you guys, the more news and the more you spread around that Chicago is testing, just furthers your chance of getting hired by Chicago.

                            Obviously, the more people that know that a test is coming up, the more people will apply and the more people will train to prepare for the test.

                            You'll hear all the talk about the "brotherhood" and the "family" and the "Camaraderie", but the truth of the matter is, that the fire service is one of the most competitive industries to work in.


                            • #15
                              I understand

                              But do you really think that people who cruise this board will not know that Chicago is having a test? It is not exactly PoDunk USA


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