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  • asthma

    can a person who has asthma get a job as a firefighter

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    Capt. Bob

    Hello, My name is Jeff. I have talked to you before. I like many other Firefighter candidates have made it all the way to the medical exam and now the fire dept is telling me I am out.

    I will give you a quick run down of what had happened. In November of 2000 I was going thru the hiring process for a large City Police Dept, I made it to the Medical Exam and was turned down, due to the fact that I had childhood asthma. The problem is that I have not been treated or on any medication for asthma for 6 years. My asthma doctor does not even have my records anymore, they told me that they have been purged. I accepted the fact that I was turned down by the PD because I really wanted to be a firefighter.

    Well In December the same City Fire Dept tested, I passed the written, oral interview, and physical ability exams. It was the medical exam then the badge. I went for my medical exam and after talking to my asthma doctor he said that I do not need to check the box stating that I had asthma because it had been so long ago since I was treated it would not make a difference. So I go thru the medical exam, not checking the box for asthma. I passed the eye test, hearing test, and pulmonary function test. The only thing that I had to wait for was the blood work, I called a week later and the blood work cleared. However the Medical Center would not recommend me to be hired because they attached my police dept physical (which had asthma checked) to the fire dept physical (which did not have asthma checked). The fire dept felt there were to many unanswered questions and could not offer me employment. I called my family doctor and explained the situation to him and I have an appointment on Monday 0930 hrs hopefully to be cleared of the Asthma. If I go back to this city with this Info can I be back in the running for a FF position ?

    Is there anything else that I can do and can in regards to the Medical Center in releasing the information from my Police Dept Physical to the Fire Dept. ?? When I was there for my FD physical the Nurses told me that the Police Dept files were sealed, then all of the sudden I get the dreaded call I am out because the PD files were attached to my Fire Dept File.



    Unfortunate these things happen; and once they do, there is not much we can do after the fact.

    If it were me, I would go to my doctor and make sure he puts in his letter showing you fit for duty, that he made the medical decision for you not to check off asthma because you had not been treated for childhood asthma for six years.

    If possible, go to the recognized asthma physician expert in your area and see if he can find you fit for duty. Then, I would go armed with these letters to the proper person in the hiring process.

    If you're not successful, hold onto both of these letters. In future medical exams, have these letters with you. If the asthma problem comes up, then, and only then, produce the letters.

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      I have asthma as well. When I recently applied to become a Reserve Firefighter, I was told since I have asthma I would med. clearence and a note saying I'm cleared to use the SCBA. After talking with my doctor and obtaining that note. I was all set to go. Unfortunatly I didn't pass the PAT. Not because of asthma but because of my 7 min hose drag time...That was due to the lack of stregnth in my lower body. Yes I have been getting ready for the next time the PAT comes about. Anyway...Talk to your doctor and mabye the training cheif of the department you want to get on with and see what they reccomend. It just might be in you favor...You never know till you ask...
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