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  • Did I get the job?

    OK so I'm waiting for a phone call or letter or something. I just took my first test and feel pretty good about it. I was about number 8 on the written test and then 2 on the physical agility test, I feel that my oral board interview went well and iI like my odds. My question is this---how long does it usally take to be contacted by letter or phone? The anticipation is killing me. Even if I'm not offered a job the whole experience was rewarding and confidence inspiring.

    Thanks for the insight

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    Can you call to ask? I know with any job I ever went for, if I didn't hear back from them in 10 business days, I would always call and ask if they made any decisions. It shows interest and initiative on your part and will also ease your mind, one way or the other. It may be something as simple as the department got caught up in other issues and have not had the chance to review the candidates and make a final decision.


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      Brandyflame wrote:

      I would always call and ask if they made any decisions. It shows interest and initiative on your part

      Reply: I was talking to a large college program in an amphitheater setting for candidates preparing for a large city fire test. The question came up how do you respond when the panel asks you if you have any questions. I gave this reply:

      Asking the Panel Questions?

      You never, ever, ever, have a question. We don't expect you to have any questions. I had a guy one day ask, "Since I live so far away, can I start at second step pay to help pay for my gas?" If that question is asked (here's the "Nugget") you can pause as if your gathering your thoughts and then say, "No, I think we covered everything."

      We had another candidate say, "You have probably heard about the charges against me for stealing over at the college?" No, we haven't, why don't you tell us about it. Here was another candidate who have done an outstanding job in his oral and he had to bring this up. His score dropped like a wounded seagull. This is not the time to bring up anything like this. You never bring up a negative item unless the panel does. They probably won't. If they do, have a simple, short (I said simple and short) answer to the situation.

      Then, someone from the top row yelled out, I've been told you that you always have to ask a question if you're given the opportunity at the end of an interview or you will lose points. In a regular or corporate interview that might be true. Not true in a fire oral!

      This also applies to not calling to see where you are on the list too early, because this is not a regular job! My son Captain Rob says it best:

      Just wait, you don't want them talking about you as the guy who couldn't wait. Just be patient, it will happen. It's a long process, but you don't want to give them them the wrong impression, or have a person in the office mention it to the chief.

      Also in most departments, big and small, no one really knows when a class will start, until it does. Do to budgets, chiefs who change their minds, problems in the training dept., and more reasons than you can imagine. I've seen start dates put off four or five times.

      You do not want them to know anything more about you than that you're on the list.

      If you know anyone who works there ask them what the rumors are, and that's all they are.

      Good Luck, Capt Rob

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