Just a general note, that when a post is reported we act on it immediately.

However, when its an issue involving a contributor and we really ask everyone's patience in dealing with it, please understand we're still a relatively small team and we can only do so much at a time. We get hundreds of emails a day, have dozens of other projects going on to ensure the rest of the site is updated. While we certainly put the forums high on the list, when its not a life or death issue and there is no profanity, attacks, etc. it will be dealt with as we can.

The issue a few folks were complaining about is being resolved. That should be enough to know we're dealing with it fairly and as quickly as possible.

Marketing and self promotion by ANYONE is not permitted on the forums, as everyone knows. We will continue to enforce that policy as issues are brought to our attention. Just because its not dealt with and you don't see results immediately, doesn't mean it won't be dealt with. Be reasonable with us, but also be patient. Its a big site.