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HELP resume for cheifs interview for a FF

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  • HELP resume for cheifs interview for a FF

    This is a project for school. Thought you guys would be able to give me ideas on how to write one correctly. Here is what I have to do. Prepare and submit a resume for a chiefs interview for a firefighter position. This would be the resume the fire chief reviews. >What the best way to right a resume like this? Any examples?? Thanks Kurtis

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    Most resumes are poorly done. The business resume format is not the best for firefighter candidates, because with the high volume of candidates, the raters only have a few moments to look at your resume before you walk into the room.

    I'm a one-page resume guy for entry level without a cover letter, not in a binder or folder. Do not give us a book. We will not read it. The board does not have enough time. And do not come into my interview, any interview, thinking you are going to hand out your resume and we're going to read it. That is not going to happen. This upsets the normal flow of the interview. We're going to read your application and resume before you come in the room. If you submit a resume, get it to personnel to be placed in your file before the interview. Don't fax It. Make the appropriate copies and hand deliver or FedEx them.

    A candidate faxed me his resume for review. The cover letter for the position he was applying for stated, "Attached is a "brief" description of my qualifications." I laughed out loud because he had sent me a book. The printer ran out of paper. Save a tree, the raters will not read these volumes. Don’t send me on a treasure hunt to find your great stuff. Hit me with your major qualifications starting with your experience on one page. Write it believing the raters won’t go past the first page. You can put any supporting details, documents, certificates and letters of recommendation following the first page. Keep it simple.

    Many people start their resume with their education. For me, I like to see professional experience jump right off the page. Hit me with experience, bam! Fire fighting, bam! Some kind of training, apparatus operator training, fire school, whatever it is. Hit me with that experience. And that doesn't necessarily have to be in chronological order or fire service experience. So many of the resumes I see, I find the important stuff way down at the bottom of the first page. Because that's how it falls in chronological order. It starts with some education up here, some college, whatever, blah blah, experience, now we're down at the bottom of the page where I might not see it.

    I was reviewing a candidate's resume and in chronological order his paramedic certification was at the bottom of the page. I asked him, "What are the most important items on your resume? He said, my Firefighter 1 and Paramedic Certification." They were at the bottom of the page where they might be missed. We put those items on top so those are the first things that hit you. We put the dates on the right side of the page where it can be referenced. Once you put the dates on the right-hand side of the page, you list your experience in order of importance, not just in chronological order. This makes a big difference.

    My suggestion for a firefighter resume format: Name, Address, Phone number & e-mail address, professional experience, education, volunteer and community service. That’s all you need. Nothing more. Nothing less. Keep it simple.
    Make a photocopy because you never know when you're going to that job interview. I talk to people who have put in applications and resumes, and six to eight months later, they don't have a copy and don't remember what they've put down. Here's a one page sample:

    Carl Mcfly
    1284 Main St.
    Kensington, Ca 94588
    Phone: 510-286-5890 e-mail: [email protected]

    OBJECTIVE: To achieve a level within the fire service.


    Firefighter Fire Department, CA 2-00 Present
    Duties include but are not limited to fire suppression in structural as well as wild land environments and emergency medical services under highly stressful emergency conditions. Also, fire prevention, public education, vehicle and station maintenance under the supervision of a Captain, always focusing on providing quality customer service.

    Engineer (Acting) 2-03 Present

    Firefighter Fire Department (Auxiliary) 3-99 2-00
    Perform in a probationary capacity under emergency situations, fire suppression, emergency medical services, also fire prevention, public education, vehicle and station maintenance.

    EMT Ambulance Service, CA 3-99 2-00
    Perform under emergency situations; emergency medical services under the direction of Redondo Beach and L.A. County Fire Department Paramedics. Vehicle and station maintenance and Code-3 driving.

    INSTRUCTOR Emergency Response CPR Training 3-03 Present
    Adult, Child, & Infant CPR training for the community as well as for the professional rescuer.

    Owner/Operator Pool Company, CA 5-97 2-00
    Service and repair of residential and commercial pools and spas according to County Health Department specifications.

    EDUCATION: (is space is needed to keep on one page, these can be placed in two columns)

    Bachelor’s Degree
    EMT Defib and Combitube certified
    Firefighter I
    Red Cross certified CPR Instructor
    Firefighter II
    Federal Red Card System Member
    Driver/Operator State certified
    Class B Driver’s License

    Member of State University Track and Field Team.
    Member of State University X-Country Team.
    Volunteer for Hubbs Institute White Sea Bass Population Restoration Project.
    Volunteer for Red Cross on various projects


    Fire "Captain Bob"

    You can find more interview articles in the career article section of this firehouse.com web site: http://cms.firehouse.com/content/co...r/bio.jsp?id=18
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      The idea of resumes being limited to one page was addressed in a professional writing class I had several years ago. As CaptBob said, hit them with experience, cover just the highlights of your education, and if anything else is necessary, include it at the end or a second page if absolutely necessary. Now, when experience is lengthy and you have a very decorated career past, experience might be the whole first page. In those rare cases, a two-page resume can work for you, as experience & education will be your two important allies (often in that order!). Oh, and never write that references are available upon request. Ya know what, as an employer, I know damn well that if I ask for an applicant's reference I will get it. I am a cover letter kind of guy, as I believe a BRIEF introduction in writing can go a long way for writing in paragraph form who I am and what my intentions are. This, to me, is most useful when there has been no job posting and you are sending blind to a department hoping your resume & letter will jump out at them. Otherwise, the letter may not be included if it's pretty clear this department is hiring and they just get a resume that states "OBJECTIVE: to continue public service as a member of the XYZ Fire Department." Always, always have another person proofread anything you write. Nothing is more annoying than discovering a spelling mistake that could have been avoided. It's not even typos like "teh" as much as "there" their" and "they're," for example. Computers are your friend, but this friend doesn't always know which spelling you want. Bob offered a great sample resume, and if you should like help with a letter, feel free to ask. Good luck!
      Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong
      Dennis Miller


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        This might help

        I took several courses on firefighting but was never taught how to write a resume. I thought this would be an easy task but when I sat down to write it, I did not know where to start. I looked online for free temples (there are a lot) but was still confused.
        When I was searching, I came across a site that says they are desiderated to fire fighter resumes. I bought the basic resume and was pleased. It saved me a bunch of time and the final product looks great.
        The only thing I know about the site is that it helped me. The name of the page is:


        I called them and spoke to a writer about my needs and he was very helpful. I recived my final resume in less then 25hrs.
        Still no job, but I am taking tests all the time.



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          the resume service helped me out. Did you use it?


          I can only speak for myself but I used the resume writing service at fdresume.com and they really did a good job. I just got it back yesterday (took 3 days) and it was written really well and the guy I talked to on the phone seemed like he knew what he was doing.

          I did not buy the cover letter so I have no idea about that, but I would recommend the resume service. And no, I don’t consider myself a damn fool for paying a few dollars for my resume. I looked at a ton of pre written resumes and they were all formatted for business like jobs. I did not know what to put first, second, last, ect.

          I will try to post the finished resume if I can figure out how to black out my name and personal information. If you want, I can e-mail you a copy of what they sent me and you can look it over and if it helps you, great!

          I'm going to try to scan it and post it on my myspace page.

          (I posted this in another thread also).


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            fdresume.com question???

            I'm looking to get my resume written and am wondering how www.fdresume.com works and some maybe some more info on them. I checked out the site and they look good, can someone give me the 411 on them and if they did a good job? How long did they take, did they provide good communication, and did they know what they were doing???

            Also, how much did you pay for the resume and did you get a cover letter written?
            Maybe someone can e-mail me a draft of the work they did?



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              I don't think that you are a damn fool for paying for a resume, just misinformed.

              The resume does not get you the job. The resume gets you the interview. Do not lose sight of that. If you give them everything in the resume, why in the world do they need to interview you?

              You would be astounded at the number of people who apply for these jobs-especially if it is an online process. There are hundreds of resumes received. I know of a company that was hiring one fire investigator in a mtro area. There were over 400 resumes submitted online. At least 300 were from people not remotely qualified. Another 90 were eliminated early. There were 10 resumes that were forwarded on by HR with recommendations for aninterview. 5 of those people were actually interviewed.

              The only way that a person can evaluate that number of resumes is simply-as quickly as possible. The reviewer needs to know that you have the qualifications for the job and they need to know in about ten seconds. Perhaps you are impressd by the pages of training you have attended and the certifications you have recieved, but the reviewer frankly doesn't care. If he/she can't figure out that you meet the qualifications almost immediately, you are done.

              Do not forget two things. The online resume may be screened by a computer program looking for keywords. The written resume may be screened by a secretary with no fire service background who is also looking for keywords.

              The cover letter is just as important. The cover letter better make them look at your resume. There is another thread here with great info on cover letters. (Don't pay for a cover letter either).

              Never, never, never, never send a resume w/o a cover letter.



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                Good Info!

                Thanks for the advice.

                The only reason I am putting together a resume is because the job posting says to submit one with application. I will shoot an e-mail to www.fdresume.com, www.eatstrss.com, and www.professionalresumes.com asking the process they use to write the resume. If they send the resume off to a processing center or if they actually write it themselves.

                I will ask for a few references of people that have used there services and see what they say. I’ll let you know what they say.


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                  Went with a service

                  Ok, ok, ok…

                  I went with a resume service and so far so good. We did the phone interview tonight and should have a proof within a day.

                  I will post the final resume for all to scrutinize as well as my overall opinion of the service.

                  Thanks to all of you that e-mailed me privately, I don’t need any more resume examples!!!


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                    Resume update!!!

                    Hello All,
                    I am pleased to say I received my Resume and Cover Letter via e-mail on Monday in MS word so I can update it as needed.

                    Everything looks good and I will be submitting it to the fire department in the morning with my application. I was a little hesitant about purchasing through a web page, but the guy that helped me was great and he was able to really “pull” information out of me that I would have never even thought of putting on the resume.

                    I don’t know how the other companies are, but I have to give a positive plug to www.fdresume.com and would without doubt recommend them.

                    Thanks for all the help to those that e-mailed me.


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                      Originally posted by ffemtp009 View Post
                      Ok, ok, ok…

                      I will post the final resume for all to scrutinize as well as my overall opinion of the service.

                      "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

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                      Fire "Captain Bob"



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                        I need major help with my crappy resume (or so my wife says). I need everything done by the end of December and after reading this form and a few others, I am going to give fdresume.com a try.

                        I'g going to see how they do on my resume before I have them write my cover letter.



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                          Hey, looks like I found the answer!!!

                          Just purchased the resume package from the web site www.fdresume.com and have a phone appointment latter this afternoon to go over all the information.

                          Can’t wait hopefully finally get my “perfect” resume in order and ready to submit.



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                            Resume Looks Great!

                            Got my resume back and it is a heck of a lot nicer then I could have ever done. My writer personalized everything into a clear, well written format and it looks fantastic.

                            I also give FDRESUME two thumbs up and will recommend them to anyone that asks.


                            p.s. thanks Aaron for all your hard work


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                              I just wanted to throw out there a great company I found
                              really competent people! Well worth the price.


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                              Upper 300x250