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Do I pursue my career again?

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  • Do I pursue my career again?

    I'm only seeking people who are dedicated to the Fire Service and understand the "way of life" only Firemen know.
    I was/am a FF with about 10 yrs exp. Three years ago, I made the STUPIDEST, WORST mistake of my life and got a DUI.
    I was fired from my department. I don't have to tell you guys who understand, this was devistating. I was a model FF with every opportunity, yet my Chief had to set the precident and fire me.
    I have had success after the Fire Service, but nothing has filled the void. I still feel ashamed and even though i've done everything to "right the wrong", it still bothers me. The majority of Dept's require no DUI's within five years. Does anyone know why this is longer than the Insurance parameters of three years ?
    I know it was my error and I accept responsibility, but that is the only true mistake I have on my record. I just want another chance to do what I love, but this five year " mark of death" is in the way.
    Any thoughts or advice ?
    Again, please only respond if you have a valid remark; I know what I did created the situation. I've done everything to make it better, including lecturing at conferences to fellow FF's about the consequences. Please help, do I pursue the Fire Service again ?

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    Employee situations are usually protected with drug and alcolhol problems with counseling before firing. You might have checked with an attorney first.


    No department wants one of their firefighters cited with a DUI. If you have already had a DUI, it's difficult but not impossible to get hired. Candidates who have been cited with wet and reckless (less than a DUI) can also have problems getting hired. A candidate who seldom drinks was stopped after his wedding reception. He was cited for wet/reckless. Even though nothing happened before this incident, over one year later, he is still having problems getting hired.

    If you do a psych, the doctor could DQ you because he might feel (I have actually seen this written on a report from a psychologist) because of the pressures of the job; you could end up drinking more.

    You could try and get the record expunged. You can find our more on this in the "Background Expunged" section under the "Application and Resume" title of the Free "101 Inside Secrets How to Get a Badge" off our we site @ http://www.eatstress.com/faq.htm

    You should never bring this situation up in an oral interview unless the panel does. Many candidates feel they have to do repair work. It will only bury you. The panel probably won't because this is something that is handled with the background investigator.

    All the background investigator is looking for is a reasonable explanation of what happened. Although a DUI is a tough one, this formula can help you overcome this hurdle:

    The simple solution is did this situation happen before or since? If not, it can be considered an isolated incident.

    Pat was in the hiring process recently with LA County. He had been testing for five years. He had not one but two DUI's. He was DQ'd in the hiring process for San Jose and Sacramento in last year. We gave him this problem solution format to let them know he was a viable candidate.

    This is who I was.

    This is what changed.

    This is who I am now.

    This is how he used it:

    He told the background investigator and the psychologist that he didn't think he had a drinking problem, until he got his second DUI and did some jail time (this is who he was).

    He knew this was not the person he was or wanted to be (this is what changed).

    He attended a program to educate himself. He discovered he didn't have a drinking problem, but a behavior situation. He stopped drinking. He went back to school, got his paramedic license, married with children and a model seasoned medic for 8 years. He said it's hard to believe those earlier situations ever occurred. Not once has anything like that happened again.

    Guess what? Pat got hired! He proudly wears the badge for LA County Fire Department.

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