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Scared about finding a career after fire academy

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  • Scared about finding a career after fire academy

    Hello all,

    Currently I am about to drop about 5000.00 into school in the next months to get my ALS, and FF 1 and 2, from a local college here in Metro detroit michigan, My fear is, from the time i was 18 until the time I was 20, I racked up a embarrising driving record being stupid on a sports bike, the offences include, drag racing, 2 unsafe starts, 3 speeding tickets, 8 points total. I also recieved 2 DWLS.
    I am 23 now and with all this in the past, I have straighted out my life and want to presue my dream career as a FF. how hard are these past offences going to hurt me. I see some departments go back up to 6 years on driving records. When I am finished with school It would have been about 5 or so years since my last ticket. Do i have alot to worry about or am i just plain sh#@ out of luck tring to find a job. any Info would be helpful.

    Jason Cook
    FF in training

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    The formula

    Well, it's like this. The explanation. This is who I was. This is what changed. This is who I am now.

    Bad Stuff on Applications

    If you do not include information that is asked on an application and it is found out later, you are out of the process! Almost everyone at sometime has problems. It's how you put them on the application, background forms, and present them in an oral that makes the difference. A reasonable explanation is what's important.

    Many candidates strain their relationships, marriages and finances and do various jobs trying to get the badge. This is understandable with the right explanation. The oral board seldom knows this information (this is usually covered in background), unless it is an area that is listed on the application, i.e. driving record, arrests, etc.

    Usually these items are not brought up in an oral. You never bring them up if they don’t. It can be a can of worms. I had a candidate tell us on an oral board, "You're probably aware of the charges of stealing over at the college?" We weren’t. This guy had just nailed his oral and then tanked himself by bringing something up we hadn’t asked about.

    I served 5 days in Santa Rita Prison for drag racing at age 18. Yes, I put it on my application. Because if you don't and they find out, you're gone. In my oral board, I was asked about this. I told the panel, "Since that incident, I have been in the army, married, have children, and have been on my job for 9 years. I was a stupid kid. The situation hasn’t occurred again. It's hard to believe this really had happened. One of the captains asked, "Mr. Smith are you trying to get go around this problem and ignore it?" Here's the Nugget answer: I said, "No. If I was trying to do that I would have never put it done on the application." He was done with that question.

    When I got my results for that test, the number placement wasn't on the notice. When I called, personnel told me, "Well, Mr. Smith, you're number one. Not only are you number one, you're five full points ahead of number two!" It was having a reasonable explanation prepared in advance that becomes your "Nugget" answers that makes the difference.

    That question and the "Nugget" answer helped me, not hurt me. It catapulted me past the other candidates at light speed, and did indeed help me get my badge!

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    Captain Bob

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      CaptBob offers sound advice about a tainted past. It might be wise to treat every question (written or oral) as though you're on a polygraph. And if you haven't heard much of polygraphs in our line of work, ask around! Most of the time the department is looking for the honest answer to a difficult question, whether it be a driving infraction or a medical goof up. Beyond the honesty, maybe a class or two to reduce points on your record, and that would show effort in the right direction too. Good luck, and keep us posted!

      Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong
      Dennis Miller


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