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    Recently I was informed that our department is going to have a promotional testing process for a newly opened captain's position. Wonderful new stress for me as it looks to be at almost the exact same time I will be taking my State Paramedic exams. I have been in Paramedic school for the last 6 months and have 2 months left to go.

    Anyway I have been reading the articles and information about Capt. Bob's programs. So far I'm impressed, and have liked the referral and thankyou letters in his website. I would be interested to get some input from some of the members here who have used the promotional program.

    Capt. Bob, I know you frequent this forum frequently, and I hope you understand that I'm just very careful with my money. Would like some input. I would also be interested if you have had any previous clients from Utah, with which I could talk too?

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    I understand your concern. Keep in mind that the program comes with a no questions asked full refund if your not satisfied. You are at no risk. You will be able to shorten the learning curve to the shortest distance between you and that badge. This will allow you more time to pass your medic cert and get some SLEEP!

    We got calls from 3 promotional candidates last week that got their badges. Two Captains and one BC. All were number 1 on the list!!!! Two were 2 1/2 and 3 points out in front of number two. It was the first time out for one of the Captains.

    This from one candidate who used our program:

    Next came the oral exam, this is where you can separate the men from the boys and or the women from the girls. I couldn't believe how well my interview went, I was answering the questions and adding my own signature stories when appropriate.

    The interview panel was looking at me like I had invented electricity, I could tell that no one else had answered this way. I had the number one score in that portion of the exam. While waiting for the assessment, which was to be six weeks later I took a neighboring cities Captain exam. Why not, I had the golden ticket to communicating.

    After the final Chiefs interview was given the Chief called me and informed me that I had finished #1 and that he wanted me to be one of his new Captains, I couldn't believe my ears, I was going to be a Captain. What was most interesting was the number #2 candidate was the "Oral Board Guru" who teaches interview skills at the community college.

    The proof is in the badge!

    Here's how they did it:

    The Formula

    Here's what we know after 30-years of experience. The assessment center is where you go for all the marbles. After being on over 100 oral boards, I have seen candidates with great credentials. Yet, they couldn't present the package. And, if you can't present the package, you will never, never, ever see a badge! Our Promotional Program is running an astounding 90% success rate!

    Our candidates are improving their interview scores up to 15 points and nailing that BADGE! They begin by getting our Audio/Video Promotional Program (that covers everything you will need in an assessment center), use the work booklet, practice with the all-important TAPE RECORDER, and come back for a private coaching session. They catapult themselves into the Olympic camp. That's where you get a shot at that badge you have been looking for.

    One on one coaching sessions are where you get dialed into making your best presentation. It can make the difference between being down on a list and getting a shot at a badge. Candidates armed with this information are the one's who are smoking past you in the oral, grab the badge and leave you as the bride's maid again. We know because we get the calls when they get their badge! Over 2,000 candidates have received their badge through this program. When you're ready for private coaching, call me direct @ 888-238-3959, e-mail: [email protected]

    You start by ordering our Promotional Audio/Video Program from the products section of our web site below or by calling our distributor Rayve @ 800-852-4890. For orders and shipping charges OUTSIDE the continental USA, please email [email protected] or call 1-707-838-6200. This program will keep you motivated! The program comes with a no questions asked full refund if you're not satisfied. You're at no risk except you might get a badge. Consider also getting our book "Eat Stress For Breakfast" to help you along your journey.
    Attached is our FireZine e-mail newsletter. You will receive future issues.

    For more on our Promotional Program, click here:
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    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing! And, there is no feeling like proudly wearing the badge."

    Let me know if I can help you further.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    Captain Bob

    Call Now Thousands are now firefighters after using our program of proven time-tested inside secrets gained from over 40 years of experience " This program is dedicated to those who possess the burning desire to acquire a firefighter badge and become one of

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    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

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