I am a career Senior Fire Fighter of eight years ( volunteer fire fighter for six years prior ) and I currently reside in Western Australia.

I am extremely keen to find some work Apex NC for a six month period whilst I take leave without pay from the fire service over here.

I am a qualified fire fighter ( Senior Certificate III ) with certificates in Workplace Assesor, Train Small Groups, Dealing with Conflict, Ground Controller, Incident Control and I also have experience in training canines for accelerant detection work. I am a qualified senior first aider with advanced resuscitation.
In the past I have also had second jobs involving truck driving ( non articualted ), bus driving, limousine driving and have also done work in landscape gardening and general labour work. I also have bar work experience.

I am willing to bascially do any work which will find me in Apex for six months. I have read and heard alot about this town and am very keen to come there. I can be there within two months for an immediate start and have arranged accommodation.

I understand the conditions of a work visa to enter the US and also know that an employer must sponsor overseas applicants for a visa to the I.N.S. Any consideration in making an extra effort for a 29 year old, hard working Aussie would be fantastically appreciated.