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  • Unusual background investigation

    Hello all,

    I have been with my current career fire department, in the Denver Colorado metro area, since July of 2019. I have been on line as a probie for about 6 weeks.

    A department in Washington State I applied for and interviewed with prior to accepting my current position has informed me that I am through the background with the exception of one last step, the final step before an offer. One of the chiefs for the WA dept wants to fly out and come by my station and talk with my Captain about me. I have never heard of this type of in person station visit prior to making a conditional offer and after talking with other career firefighters that I volunteered with they too haven't heard of such a thing.
    I have worked with this Officer and crew for only a few sets prior to this station now being my permanent assignment.

    This is a huge dilemma for me. Both are great departments that take care of their employees. However, the WA dept has better pay, 15k for grade 1FF difference/ benefits, schedule, more houses, ALL brand new apparatus and a much better FIRE call volume! I DO want the offer from the WA department.

    But I am also extremely reluctant to have a Chief from a different department visit my Captain when I've been online less than 2 months. Feels like to me that's kind of a slap in the face on my part to allow it to happen.

    Any insight as to how I should handle this situation would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for all your help.

    Stay safe.

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    You probably should have told WA, that at this time you are declining the next step offer,,,

    But please keep me in mind, in case I decide to test again.

    One of our past Chiefs let someone go, because they were on probation and tested somewhere else.

    If you go through with the background check,,, you may wind up with NO job.

    And yes we do visit other depts, when we do our backgrounds.

    But, on our application we do have a square to mark, whether to contact present employer, prior to job offer.

    So we do offer that courtesy.


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      Thank you and I appreciate your response.
      Had this WA department not been a top notch organization I would have done what you suggested. At the time it was hard to say no I wasn't interested not knowing all the perks of the WA dept.


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        Well is it to late to say NO??

        Have they booked the flight already??

        How are you going to get time off to complete the process, if they decide to give conditional offer??

        Is there an academy you would have to go thru??



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          I can always say no. The chief asked for my schedule for the first two weeks of January. At the time I was thinking it was so he could plan an in home visit, which I've done before with a different department, but on Friday he said he had planned his flight for this coming Thursday. It caught be off guard and he was able to pick up on that and I told him I wasn't expecting that was the reason he had my schedule.

          After this step I would have the conditional offer. The last step would be the physical and with my current schedule, 48/96, I could finish the process without taking time off.

          I would need to complete another academy. I don't have an issue with that. love fire camp haha.


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            You still have a few steps, before you would be back in a WA station,,,,

            And any of those could knock you out of a job.

            Than there is probation, if they have it.

            So your gamble.

            I tell people put in at least a year or two, before testing somewhere else. Your current Dept has put a lot of money in you.

            Oh and my furthest dept I went to for background check, was 350 miles.


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