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  • Just called and spoke to the lovely ladies at Human Recourses and I was told they have made all the calls for the Feb 08, 2017 class.

    Stay strong everyone and keep the faith, as hard as it may be.
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    • Sad panda


      • To all, please do not post your ranking number. The powers to be may possibly peruse this website.


        • And the waiting begins. What'd you mean Persue?


          • For all those going into the Feb class and moving to Seattle for the job, my wife's good friend has a house for rent in the Wedgewood area of Seattle. It's near Fire Station 40 and Magnusson Park. It's about 30 min from JTF and you have access to the express lanes to get home with traffic in PM. It's not the closest to the facility but it is in the city. I had to move here from out of town with no place to live and it was an added stress. If anyone here needs or can pass to the recruit class, contact me via PM and I'll put you in touch with her. Keep working out as you get set for a great adventure.

            For those still in the process on this list, I don't have a ton of updates going forward other than plans for an August class and most likely Feb 18 class off of this list. Info on the 2017 exam should be out in a few months. They will formulate that around some of the promotional exams and the hiring of the August class. Additionally, one of the city HR ladies just retired and that is putting added burden on the testing and promotion process (but not the hiring off of the 2015 list). Have a little extra patience as they are short handed trying to admin the LT exam, a new hire test and hire for August.

            The EMT class for the Feb class is underway and super intensive and IMHO very cool. The students are getting to ride along with medic 1, see how the department and our EMS system really works and get their feet wet. Will be cool to see it grow going forward. For those keeping score there are still 60 spots (tentatively) to be hired off of this list. That's pretty good odds for those still in the process.

            Our department is still unable to keep up with the pace of retirements so I would expect big recruit classes (30 vs. 24) to continue for some time. We are adding a new aid car (albeit only for 12 hours/ day) shortly. That's the first plus up of on duty personnel in about a decade. It's only 2 people and only for 12 hours a day, but it is a start.

            That's about all for now. Keep working out, keep your speed limit down, and keep your noses to the grindstone.


            • GRFNFT - that will not be the first "up staffing" of the dept in over a decade. An Aid car was added to station 10 within the last 2 or so years.


              • I'm not sure if Aid 10 is completely funded beyond when Engine 5 returns to Station 5 from it's temporary time at 2s(which is why Aid 10 was brought on line). I count it similar to the Ladder 13 episode from a few years back. That was merely a temporary upstaffing during construction that went away. I hope Aid 10 stays and we still get to keep Aid 5 and the newly funded Aid car. It could already be funded permanently. I'm not sure. Lord knows we need it. The plan was to keep Aid 10 at 10s and move Aid 5 elsewhere downtown. I'm not sure where that stands with the part time new Aid Car coming. Do you have any info on that?


                • I just had a good discussion with some of the folks at HR and training as it pertains to the 2015 list and a new test (the discussed Nov 2017 test that would keep SFD on our 2 year cycle of testing.) As of now, SFD is NOT planning on holding an exam in 2017 and does not know when the next exam will be held. (This is a major change in how SFD has done things. Good news for those on the 2015 registry and for those who are waiting, I'm sorry, I don't know when the next exam will be now.) More good news for those on this 2015 list: Training has been told to plan for 3 recruit classes in 2018 (90 total). That would have to come off of the 2015 list unless they change something soon for a new written test. Training is looking at the logistics and forming a plan. The Chief would still have to get funding from the mayor, but the $$$ work out to add new hires.

                  To sum up: Good to be on 2015 register. If you are waiting to test, we do not know when the next written test will be offered. I will let you know when I hear anything definitive.


                  • Wow! Thats big news. Thanks GRNFT. Do you have any information on when the next calls might be going out?


                    • For August class, probably not until May or June. New recruit class doesn't even start until Wednesday of this week. They usually wait until near the end of the class to make calls. I have no idea how they will do it if/when they run 3 classes.


                      • I feel like emails should be going out soon for the Seattle Fire Department Employment Packet or Update Packet has anymore got the email yet for the 2017 August class if your still on the registry list


                        • The question may have been asked, but is an updated registry ever distributed by HR? To see where we stand, especially in light of no 2017 test, would be awesome!


                          • There is no update on where you stand on the list.
                            If you call hr they will say that they can't tell you


                            • Hey guys-
                              Got the email from HR today again (like last year) requesting that the employment packet updates to be sent in by April 3 by 4pm, so I'm familiar with that. Out of curiosity it says this in one paragraph...

                              "Pre employment exam sessions will be scheduled through The self-scheduling feature will be available through March 27,2017, This exam session takes approximately 6-8 hours to complete and sessions are available between March 31-April 7 2017"

                              Goes through instructions on how to sign on and register for this test.

                              Is this something relevant to me? I wouldn't be surprised if they had us come in and do something since it's been since 2015 since we did the test, but wanted to make sure.

                              Thanks in advance!


                              • I contacted the recruiting office today. They told me that if you received that email you need to schedule the pre employment tests as instructed even if you previous did them in 2015-2016 As the scores are only goos for one year. It's unfortunate to have to fly across the country on such short notice but hopefully it's just part of the investment in the process


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