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  • Alexandria, VA

    Any information on their process, how many they are hiring, etc. Application process opened today. Thanks for any info.

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    Closing Date/Time: Fri. 02/11/11 5:00 PM Eastern Time

    Salary: $43,617.60 - $73,832.94 Annually

    Job Type: Full-Time
    Location: Alexandria, Virginia
    Department: Fire and EMS
    Job Number: 2011-00006
    FLSA: Determined by Position

    Print Job Information | Apply

    @ http://agency.governmentjobs.com/ale...a/default.cfm?

    Job Description Benefits Supplemental Questions

    An employee in this class works as a member of the emergency response team to mitigate emergencies and hazards. This work includes, but is not limited to, entry level fire fighting and basic emergency medical duties. The employee is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of fire apparatus and equipment, suppressing fires, conducting inspections and enforcing City codes, maintaining equipment, facilities and grounds, educating the public in fire prevention activities, and participating in the physical fitness program and maintaining personal physical fitness. Work is performed on a shift basis and is done in accordance with instructions and a well defined routine. Considerable time is spent in the special and routine maintenance of equipment and apparatus and in the routine care of facilities and grounds. Work is normally performed under close supervision, and is inspected in process and upon completion by a Fire Lieutenant or Fire Captain.

    •Responds to and participates in firefighting, rescue, auto extrications, water rescues, hazardous materials incidents, medical emergencies and other related firefighting and emergency situations;

    •Participates in daily in-service, periodic multi-company, and other regional, State and Federal fire service training as required;

    •Secures and maintains needed certifications, as required;

    •Conducts initial code enforcement inspections citing violations, performs follow-up inspections, and makes referrals to assure compliance with all City codes including building, housing, fire, and health;

    •Performs necessary maintenance and cleaning of motorized apparatus and other equipment to assure a constant state of readiness;

    •Performs facilities and grounds maintenance and cleaning tasks;

    •Drives fire pumpers and ladder trucks to fire scenes and prepares for pumping operations by seeing that hydrant connections are made;

    •Participates in physical fitness programs and maintains personal physical fitness;

    •Undertakes annual medical physical examinations, as directed;

    •Conducts fire prevention and public relations activities including school visitations and home safety inspections;

    •Performs administrative duties including completion of station logs, training reports, daily attendance and maintenance requests;

    •Fills in for communications and fire/rescue personnel, as needed, due to staff shortages;

    •Performs related work as required.

    Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

    Some knowledge of the street system and physical layout of Alexandria, or the ability to acquire this knowledge rapidly; some knowledge of the Fire Department's processes and procedures, rules and regulations, including, but not limited to, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), General Orders, and the Northern Virginia (NOVA) Regional Operations Manual, or the ability to acquire this knowledge rapidly; ability to acquire knowledge of building, housing, fire and related codes and code enforcement procedures; ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions; ability to wear and properly use respiratory protection equipment within a reasonable working period; aptitude for mechanical work; conscientiousness and dependability; physical strength, agility and freedom from serious physical defects as indicated by a physical examination, and the ability to perform prolonged manual work; and the ability to perform the tasks of the class under adverse conditions.

    Minimum & Additional Requirements:

    Minimum: High School Graduate or GED; US citizen; valid Drivers License.

    Preferred Qualifications:

    Community service and interaction with others is a key function of this position; therefore, a Firefighter Rescuer should demonstrate outstanding customer service skills and the ability to positively interact with the community and with co-workers. This position requires excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing. A college degree and/or possession of Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate (EMT-I) Certification is perferred. Alexandria is a diverse community and bilingual skills are desirable.


    Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.

    The selection process for this position will consist of:

    •written examination

    •physical ability test (CPAT)

    •panel interview

    •interview with the Fire Chief and Deputy Chief(s)

    Selected candidates must successfully complete all of the following:

    •Polygraph Test

    •Psychological Exam

    •Drug Screen

    •Credit Check

    •Criminal Background Check

    •Medical exam

    The new firefighter recruit training session is scheduled to begin in July 2011.

    Candidates who would like to participate in this session must submit their completed on-line application no later than 5:00 P.M., Friday, February 11, 2011 for consideration.


    Adam K. Thiel, is the Fire Chief. A very good man and a friend of mine.

    See others....

    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers


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      i just applied any idea how many they are hiring?


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        Am I mistaken or was this recruitment process dependent on a federal grant?


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          Originally posted by JoeyCrush View Post
          Am I mistaken or was this recruitment process dependent on a federal grant?

          I filled out an interest card awhile back and got an email saying process is now open so they must have got the grant.


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            Originally posted by TomKHCFR View Post
            I filled out an interest card awhile back and got an email saying process is now open so they must have got the grant.
            I see. Great! My father is originally from out near DC so I've seen Alexandria several times. I'm not familiar with the department, but I'm certain anyone considering applying will have no complaints about the area!


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              So are they saying they want to start an academy this july?

              Anyone know what kind of written they give?


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                tha NOVA area norm C W H


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                  When is the written exam expected to take place?

                  I don't see anything posted in the "official posting", nor the recruitment webstie for Alexandria.

                  Am I just being a goof and missing it?


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                    According to the site march 5 and 6.


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                      The application process closes in 1.5 hrs...


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                        Just got my email this morning with the written test date. March 5. Background packets due March 12.
                        Hug a firefighter and feel warm all over


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                          Just got my email as well. Test 3-6. Any information on this recruitment? Is there going to be an academy following the test, or is this to create a hiring list?


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                            Just got my e-mail for the 5th.

                            Now it says you don't move on to the physical unless you pass the written, but the physical is the next weekend. Does that mean they grade the written right there? That seems like an awfully short window.


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                              Loudoun was like that a few months back - CPAT like 2 weeks after the written. you were given your CPAt date as you left the written and were expected to show up to the CPAT with the background packet unless you got the "Thanks, but no thanks" call in between.
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