I am looking for a way to get an overseas contract job and i always hear about how easy it is but then i also hear about how hard it is to get the computer program to accept your resume. I am positive i have enough certs to get something just not really sure how to do it. I have:
Hazmatt awareness & Opps
Airport FF
Mobil water supply
Pumper Opperator
firefighter 1&2
Inspector 1&2
Instructor 1&2
Officer 1&2
All of my certs are DOD and Proboard. I am currently working on a military base and i have been a military firefighter for 4 years. I am only 23 and i work very hard i am a crewchief and shift leader and this is the perfect time in my life to capitalize on a option like this before i start a family or have any thing to hold me back. i would appreciate any insight on this subject that you. you can email me at [email protected]