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  • New to fire --- need help!

    Hey, my names is Michael, I'm new to all this stuff and the site. I'm only 23 but throughout the years iv worked in BS factories and low end jobs to make a buck. Iv always wanted to be a fireman but for some reason, never chased it. Ever. till now. I got rid of my factory job (Step2, I'll NEVER buy from them after working there) And now all i wanna do is fight fire. I reside around Cleveland, OH but they only hire about once every decade so I'm done for them. Although i wouldn't say no to a small town job or suburb, but i want the action, not the sleep. Basically what I'm asking is, what would be your guy's first steps or pieces of advice for me? What kinda training and studying could i be doing BEFORE the academy? i have yet to decide where to get my certification, would love to stay in Ohio, But would definitely move to achieve my goals...Once the moneys saved for school, I'm gone for somewhere, i would just love to figure it out now lol I wanna succeed! Succeed with glowing numbers and results, Any help guys?

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    Unfortunately jobs like you're describing are becoming fewer and fewer, the fire service is now mostly geared towards EMS and medical stuff. This is due to better fire resistant building materials, sprinklers, and there being no financial benefit in fighting fire. Therefore most fire departments do a lot of EMS stuff where they can bill insurances and make money and so on. Anyways if i were you I'd start by going to EMT school or get your 240hour firefighter certificate to see if you like it. There are plenty of good schools and a community college that offers great classes in northeast ohio.
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      Hey bud check out these found within this thread section:





      Cleveland just had testing and I think Cincinnati is in the process of maybe laying off.
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        I agree. Fire is a relatively rare occurence, compared to the EMS side of things. So, my advice would be, go get your EMT-basic first. Then, get a job on a transport service. Start building some patient contact experience.

        Then, do the fire academy (by the way, there's more fire academy options than just Tri-C. Let me know if you want some information) Get your certification. Then, if you can, start applying and testing with whatever cities will let you. However, being from Cleveland myself, there aren't many that are looking for EMT. Most, if not all, require medic before you can even get an application.

        So, unless you're willing to move (like I was) you're going to need a medic program to look into next. I HIGHLY suggest Parma Community General Hospital's program. One of the best around and a very high pass rate on NR (which is the only test that matters!!)

        After that, you'll enter a pool with about 1000 or more other ff/medics who are looking for work. So, another big edge is keeping a clean criminal / driving record.

        Then, maybe....just maybe you'll get picked up somewhere. But it's going to be a few years. Alot of cities overlook the early 20 somethings due to lack of maturity and life experience. Not that it's impossible, but just typical.

        Hope some of this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.
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          I appreciate the information so far fellas, honestly its a little discouraging knowing that you cant just be a firefighter anymore lol EMT, eh whatever. I really have no inkling to ride around in an ambulance doing that thing. Id rather fight fires and pull people out. I was actually looking at the Ohio Fire academy, didn't know Tri C had a program. That is IF i stayed in Ohio, I wouldn't care either way really. it kinda seems that unless you work for the SEVERELY underpaid FDNY, your not gonna see fires. Seems silly to me to pass up the 20's, alot of tests i notice cap at like 35, some lower then that, strong agile young males seem like the best route if your gonna teach someone how to fight fire right?


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            Originally posted by ECISmurf View Post
            ... I really have no inkling to ride around in an ambulance doing that thing. Id rather fight fires and pull people out. ... strong agile young males seem like the best route if your gonna teach someone how to fight fire right?
            Better go on some ride alongs or you're in for a rude awakening, not to mention passing an oral board....


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              Just be willing to move, get in shape physically and mentally and apply apply apply!
              Good Luck!
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              LOL....dont you people have anything else to do besides b*tch about our b*tching?


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                Check this out...First five things to do:


                Best of Luck and Preparation

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