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    Hi guys/gals,

    I am one of the newbie’s that would like to get as much information as possible. Right now I have not taken a test yet, but I am looking for tests to take and ways to make myself a better candidate to become a firefighter. I have read just about everything on this site and have absorbed a lot of good information. I will give you guys a little on my background and maybe you can do the same and tell me a little bit about what drove you to become a firefighter, or if you are still looking, what drives you to keep going. I have read a lot about how this is the best job in the world and would like to know a little more about what makes it the best. Here is my info.

    I am 27 years old currently living in Houston TX and working for a company downtown. As long as I can remember I either wanted to be a professional baseball player or a firefighter. As you can tell baseball didn't work out. I really can't explain why I wanted to be a firefigher when I was really young, but as I have matured I see why more every day. When most people hear sirens they just go about their day or wonder what is going on or wonder if it is going to screw up their drive home, but it excites me and I get this feeling like I need to be doing something to help. When I see I firefighter or EMT person I have more respect for them then just about anyone, because I know that not everyone has what it takes to do what they do. I wonder about the things they have seen and the people they may have helped or even saved their lives. They are leaders and know what to do in most situations where other people are lost and confused. Every day I wish I would have tried to pursue this career when I was younger and can’t wait to get on the job!

    Thanks for the help.

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    With all that said, get out and test, test, test!! You sound like you have the right drive and motivation. Many (at least in my opinion) do it because it's another job, then they fall in love with the field, and many such as my self love the field and want to make it a career.

    One additional drive for it is testing is truly a competition. And being a competition person helps drive one to do better than the next person on their testing, in every aspect. To get a job offer, to me, would be the greatest award one can get. Me personally, I've gotten on the podium a few times, but yet to be on top.

    I personally strive to do as well as I can, as so I can accomplish my goal to become a FF to serve a purpose in this world. It's just not a job to go through the motions day-to-day and just working for the paycheck; it's about that fire in your heart. People aren't made into firefighters, they're created by the hands of God.

    Just test, test, test, pray, pray, pray, and have PATIENCE.


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      Originally posted by BennyT373 View Post
      Just test, test, test, pray, pray, pray, and have PATIENCE.
      To start by saying anything else would be just wrong. I can say I'm in your boat in a few areas I just may be a little younger I really can't pinpoint the exact moment that I made up my mind that this is what I was born for there has just always been a desire inside. I went to college to study psychology and planned to be a social worker before starting grad school but I knew that wasn't what I really wanted. It was just the drive to help those in need, but social work would never be enough. I think this job is everyones childhood dream and only a few's destiny. To make a long story short i made up my mind that this was my only desire and have put my all into it. I have applied to 3departments in my surrounding counties and I'm just waiting for the next opportunity to pop up. Of those three I am on registry, one up in the air, and the other scheduled for an upcoming pat. The best part is the struggle and desire, to say the least if I have to try a million times Ill try one million one. Because like I said before It's everyones dream but It's my destiny.
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        I don't want to come off self-righteous, condescending or as though firefighters are on some type of pedestal. But this is a profession; NOT a "job". You see Dan, this profession is full of people whose vocation is to solve problems! Full of people who want to change horrific circumstances! People who want to remove pain and suffering; to help people become better versions of themselves, as they (the firefighters) become better people as well! No this is not a "job", it's a calling!! The same calling that drives nurses and doctors to pursue their respective professions; those professions are just different applications to the same calling.

        It's a profession that requires incredible fortitude, courage and unflinching resolve. It's not a profession where you go to work and punch a clock; and then when you leave work, you become John Q Public. Like a physician, nurse or police officer...you're always a firefighter! On duty or off duty.

        Now as heady and deep as all of that sounds....Welcome to a profession that only the dedicated acquire! I wish you the best of luck in your career transition. You may have pursued this as a career when you were younger, BUT everything happens for a reason. That reason might just be that what ever skills and abilities you've honed and acquired over the years or in your present job, will come into play as a firefighter. It just is..what it is!!! Suffice to say you have just as good as chance as anyone else who has the heart and perseverance.

        If there is anything that I can do to hasten your journey to "the best job in the world" please don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail (private message)

        "The Axeman"
        "Purpose, Truth and Passion Yields POWER AND DOMINION IN ACTION!!!"


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          Testing is a hurtle I am afraid will set me behind. I was diagnosed with dyslexia in high school and have struggled with reading and spelling my whole life. I am not going to let it hold me back any longer. A few weeks ago I picked up some books to help me with my reading and English grammar. I have signed up to test at two departments right now that do not require certs and I plan to enroll for the EMT-B at Houston Community College next semester. A lot of the smaller departments in Texas require at least an EMT-B to test.

          Thank you for the the post AxeMan. You're right it is a calling I can feel that in my gut.


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            Being a Firefighter is a front row seat for the greatest show on earth!

            "Captain Bob"

            "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

            More Tips on getting hired and promoted by Firehouse Contributing Author Fire “Captain Bob” Articles here:

            Fire "Captain Bob"



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              I agree with everything that has been said. A little over three years ago, I had decided that I needed a change in life. I was a heavy equipment operator by trade. I burned myslef out and didn't enjoy what I did. Though, its probally wrong for me to say, I had gotten laid off and was excited that I could pursue my dream full time. I have had the oppurtunity to test all over the Northeast. Yes, its been tough being let down by departments for canidates that though might be more qualified than you, but don't have the heart or desire and the drive to do what it takes. I used the phrase " I would and (will) give anything I have to get the BADGE". I strongly beleive that I will get there some day. But, it would be a greater sense of accomplishment to me knowing that I busted my butt to get there. If you want it that bad, you will do what it takes. Good luck.


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