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Austin Fire Department upcoming Entrance Exam

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  • Austin Fire Department upcoming Entrance Exam

    All interested individuals wanting to become a firefighter in the Austin Fire Dept should go to our new Recruit Interest List website at "austinfirerecruit.com" and submit your personal information and email to get started in the process. This website allows AFD to continually keep candidates informed about recruiting process updates, paperwork deadlines, and any date changes for the actual entrance exam.

    A separate site, "afdrecruiting.com", is linked to "austinfirerecruit.com" and has many helpful FAQs about the hiring process, preparation exercises for the CPAT physical ability test, automatic disqualifiers for hiring, minimum qualifications for Fire Cadet, and minimum qualifications for Senior Fire Cadet. The Senior Fire Cadet position is new this year and allows the Dept to hire experienced firefighters with a minimum of 3 years active service as a full time, paid, structural firefighter with a municipality, military branch, ESD, etc. Senior Fire Cadet candidates must be currently certified as a firefighter Basic in Texas or certified as an IFSAC firefighter II (if out of state). Senior Fire Cadet candidates must also be currently certified as an EMT-B in Texas or a National Registry certified EMT-B. Both must be the case at the time of application. The entrance exam given will measure the same type of knowledge of the candidates, whether they are Fire Cadet or Senior Fire Cadet candidates. The Academy length for the Senior Fire Cadets will be approximately 10 weeks shorter than the standard 24 weeks for the conventional Fire Cadet Academy. At this time the Dept hasn't decided if extra points on the final ranking score will be given for prior military experience or for those with bilingual skills.

    Currently the AFD plan is to hire 100 plus cadets over the next two fiscal years from the eligibility list that will be generated from the 2011 exam. We have a plan to start an estimated 2 to 3 classes over that two year span, with that information subject to change if necessary.

    Deadline to submit online applications is tentatively set for Dec 1 - Dec 12, 2010. Whatever paperwork you need to gather (birth certificates, firefighter certifications, IFSAC seals, court documentations if applicable) do so now while there's plenty of time. There will only be ONLINE applications taken in this hiring cycle and no more applications will be taken after the designated two week application period. The exam will be a general aptitude test tentatively set to be administered here in Austin around mid to late January, 2011. The first AFD cadet class is estimated to begin sometime in the summer of 2011. Many of your questions will be answered on the "afdrecruiting.com" website link. Our current pay scale is also on that site, to be updated Oct 1, 2010 if there are any contractual salary changes. There are 16 AFD recruiters tasked to help candidates navigate the process up to the test date.

    Pay scale link as of July 2010:

    In closing we have been where many of you are now....hopeful, anxious, hungry for knowledge, nervous, doubtful of the odds of getting hired in some cases. Our advice to you is 1) Don't get discouraged, 2) keep working hard to stay mentally and physically fit 3) Put your apples in more than one fire department basket, 4) Remain informed through our websites, 5) Stay positive. In the big picture we imagine you're ready to do what it takes to get the position and we'd love to have you join us here, experiencing the greatest job in the world in one of the finest cities in the country.

    Good luck on the exam and we hope this initial information aides you in your journey to become an Austin Firefighter. See you on test day.....

    Austin Fire Department
    13 years of service
    [email protected]

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    How is Austin Structured?
    Engines, Ladders only or are there Medic Transport units as well.
    What is the call volume and fire load?
    How is it as a department?



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      annual report for the austin fd 2008-09

      looks like they stay pretty busy


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        travis county ems handles all the medic calls for austin but they first respond also. i dont know about run volume but they are a nice department. i have family that lives down there and they enjoy having there fire/ems department


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          I am currently in the army, but will be out in 2011. I plan on taking the test in 2011, does anyone know how long the process is?
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            Thanks for the post here. I've been actively checking your website to see when applications are going to be submitted again. I filled-out an application last time but it didn't accept all my information so I didn't get to test.

            My wife and I are actively looking to move to Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay or Burnet.
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              does anyone have info on austin, the city itself?
              -Firefighting is a lifestyle NOT a career-


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                do the engines and ladders respond EMS themselves as well?
                -Firefighting is a lifestyle NOT a career-


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                  Do you know if there will be a preference placed on people qualifying for Senior Fire Cadet compared to the Fire Cadets?


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                    Google is your friend....

                    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

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