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A thank you and some info about the Psych exam

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  • A thank you and some info about the Psych exam

    I would like to thank CptBob for his Psych preparation guide it helped out a lot. Although i would like to inform all of you about my psychological exam because there were some things that were not mention in the guide.

    First off I started taking the Minnesota test it was about 250 questions of strongly agree all the way to strongly disagree. one example question was If i could choose a vacation spot i would most likely choose Las Vegas.

    Second there was a test pretty similiar to the first only that it was about being around people. it was only about 50 questions

    Third there was a test which was about assumpsition and if you can infere about something. the best way i can explain these questions is by a sample.

    You walk up to a house and you see lights on and hear voices.

    Can you infere someone is home?

    The test gave you one scenario and you had about 4 questions about that one scenario.

    And the last test was what i believe to be an IQ test. This was the only test that was timed.
    the first part was like this

    _____ is to Ocean as Green is to ______

    A) Blue
    B) Whale
    C) Boat

    1) Grass
    2) Black
    3) Internet
    4) Mice

    The Second part was also timed. it was mostly comprised of Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, large numbers, fractions, decimals.

    I hope this helps people out. I start September 13th after testing for a total of 4 years. If anyone were to ever ask me whats the best way to get into the department i would say a medic license.

    Thanks Everyone!

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    Hey brother I just happened to stumble upon your post. What department did you test/get hired with?


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