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How to become a firefighter in the U.S.

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  • How to become a firefighter in the U.S.

    Hi I have a question for you, as I wrote earlier I am a volunteer firefighter in Poland. I have 2 questions for you. The first thing to do to become a firefighter in the U.S.. Regarding the second question of what requirements must be met to become a firefighter in the U.S. and especially I'm interested in such things as:
    - How many years have required him to be
    - Do I need a U.S. citizen

    And these are the most important but if someone will give you all the requirements I would be very grateful because in Poland it is hard to be a firefighter there are rarely share and how it is consumed by arson, and from time to time a car accident.

    Immediately my thanks for the helpful post.

    One more thing I'll remember odpisywał at different times because the time difference is from 6-9 hours in the back with me so now on you are 3, 4, 5, 6 in the morning is me au south.

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    I was looking on the forum but in my English / American is at 4 / 6 on average, so yes I know it.


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      Depends state to state and sometimes city to city

      We do not have a national department like Poland
      Some cities do take non citizens, just depends


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        Step one; Buy a leather helmet.

        But seriously, you need to know where you would want to go. Are you looking to go career?

        A lot of states will take IFSAC (International Fire Service Accreditation Council) seals for FFI & II, and HAZMAT Awareness & Operations. You can do this at many fire academy’s, I know many Texas academy’s are always training Canadians for their IFSAC seals. There is also ProBoard which is recognized in many states. Once you get the IFSAC seal you can challenge many of these states's firefighter tests.



        Here is a pretty good list of states that do not take IFSAC or ProBoard certifications; http://www.firedawg.com/statecrt.htm

        Most career places will require an emergeny medical certification (ECA, EMT-B or EMT-P). That is the biggest hurdle for many.

        Or you can get hired off the street on an open test with a big city (expect about 3000 applicants testing for a dozen jobs) and they will send you through their academy.

        Good luck.
        Firefighter/EMT/Technical Rescue
        USAR TF Rescue Specialist


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          I would narrow down what state you intend on moving to for the most accurate up to date information.


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            I'll tell you so i do not understand these concepts too want to say to save up to Boston and this is the state of Massachusetts is if you could explain to me what to do after another, and what requirements I had.


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              I have everything in order to move to the U.S. to Boston. I train just have to finish the end of my school is 5 years.


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                Originally posted by FiremanLyman View Post
                But seriously, you need to know where you would want to go. Are you looking to go career?
                So I'm looking for a career firefighter in the U.S. because in Poland it is not worthwhile to live in your country and I am already a volunteer firefighter at age 14 won Silver Medal of Merit but it is just boredom and I do not have the money but for now I'm learning so my parents receive and then I went to school and I came to the "PSP" State Fire Service. But my uncle works there and told me that there is not worth going for his salary in 1000 PLN and 50 PLN for every share that's my mom earns more. Also thinking about starting a family in the U.S..


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                  You might also check Canada!!


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                    Most of not all career, paid, fire departments will not hire you under 18 years of age at time of appointment.

                    If you are wanted to live and work in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, then you should get bin contact with


                    and see Becoming A Firefighter on the left side of the page.

                    Also most require members to be United States citizen, have at least a high school diploma, have a drivers license and a good work history and NO criminal background. Also be a resident of the city, county in which you are applying for or at least within a certain mileage of the city or county in which you are employed.

                    Even being a volunteer, explorer, junior member of a volunteers department has limitation on what you can do and NOT do at a fire scene.
                    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

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