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Orange County Florida Hiring 2010

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  • Orange County Florida Hiring 2010

    Here is the posting....

    Good luck to everyone...


    Application Deadline
    Opening Date: July 18, 2010
    Closing Date: August 18, 2010
    Minimum Qualifications

    Graduation high school or equivalent. Must possess and maintain a valid Class "E"driver license. Must possess Florida State Firefighter certification. Must possess a current EMT or Paramedic certification. Must be at least 18 years of age. Must be a non-user of tobacco products for at least one year, as evidenced by a sworn affidavit of the applicant. Must meet all moral and criminal background guidelines. Must meet medical and physical agility standards.

    Individual hired must possess and maintain a State of Florida Class "E" driver license upon their employment start date.

    Individuals hired as Firefighter/EMT or Firefighter/Paramedic must maintain certifications as a condition of employment.

    All OCFRD personnel are expected to maintain a level of physical fitness consistent with their job assignment.
    Prefer certified firefighter with previous Orange County Fire Rescue experience.

    Prefer applicants who reside in the following counties: Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Brevard Volusia, and Polk.

    Prefer applicants who possess a college degree from an accredited institution approved by the United States Department of Education.

    Prefer applicants with prior military services.

    Prefer applicants who possess a Paramedic Certification.
    Representative Duties
    . Performs fire suppression as a team member and/or individually by manning hose lines,
    operating hand held fire suppression equipment, and carrying out related duties in
    emergency firefighting situations.
    . Performs emergency medical services on persons injured or ill according to National, State
    and Departmental guidelines at either an EMT or paramedic level depending upon
    . Performs rescue functions to extricate victims from occupancies filled with heat, smoke, and
    toxic gases by entering occupancy and physically removing victims.
    . Performs rescue and extrication functions of victims involved in vehicular entrapments using
    specific hand and pneumatic equipment.
    . Performs salvage and clean-up functions as required at the conclusion of fire-related
    emergency scenes.
    . Maintains physical conditioning and physical stamina required to perform firefighting duties.
    . Performs routine inspections of personal safety equipment in order to ensure equipment is
    in optimum condition and promptly notifies superiors of deficiencies.
    . Attends classroom and drill ground training sessions in order to continuously update
    knowledge and skills required for effective work performance.
    . Communicates and interacts with co-workers and/or the public either collectively or on a
    person to person level to receive emergency instructions or relay emergency information.
    . Participates in Public Relations activities such as school demonstrations, safety
    demonstrations, etc., to promote the image of the Department as a public safety provider in
    the community.
    . Performs clean-up and janitorial duties in stations to maintain a clean working and living
    . Operates Fire Rescue Department emergency vehicles as required.
    . Performs other related duties as required.
    Firefighter/Paramedic (Job Code 4597): $44,676 ($39,099 base salary + $5,577 paramedic incentive)

    Firefighter 56 - EMT (Job Code 4661) $39,099 base salary

    All qualifications and certifications for participating in this process must be met at the time the Orange County application is submitted.

    The process has two (2) separate applications. Applicants must submit an Orange County employment online application (1st application) and submit an OCFRD firefighter application packet (2nd application which is 18 pages).

    The OCFRD firefighter application packet can be downloaded by visiting (www.ocfrd.com), (Firefighter Recruitment Information). Applicants must complete this application, have it notarized, and bring the OCFRD firefighter application packet to their scheduled Fire Team Video Test. There will be no notary available the day of the test.

    Applicants must complete the Fire Team Video Test before continuing in the hiring process.

    Applicants will be scheduled for the Fire TeaM Video Test based on the date of their application. We have established two (2) days for this testing, depending on the numbers of applicants. A complete listing of eligible applicants for each test session will be posted on the OCFRD Website (www.ocfrd.com) on the Recruitment page under Certified Firefighter Program by 5:00pm on 8/20/2010. If your name is not on the list you are not eligible to take the Fire Team Video Test at this time. Email reminders will be sent to all eligible applicants who provide a valid Email address reminding them of the test date. It is your responsibility as the applicant to check the OCFRD website for your name, no test notices will be mailed out for the Fire Team Video Test.

    If you fail the Fire Team Video Test you will no longer be considered eligible to participate in the hiring process. You will not be able to re-apply or re-test for six (6) months from the failed portion of the hiring process and you will be advised of your test score in writing. Applicants who pass the Fire Team Video Test will be contacted about the next step in the hiring process.

    FIRE TEAM VIDEO TEST DATES FOR 2010 The test dates are as follows (there will not be any other test dates offered, you must attend on the test date that is assigned):

    Monday, August 30, 2010
    Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    All updates of our Certified Firefighter hiring process will be posted on our website: www.ocfrd.com. Interested applicants should bookmark this page and visit it frequently to keep abreast of any changes in hiring process.

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    Here's a question....I heard being that it is an election year that your commish is trying to gain a smypathy vote by hiring new guys because he can afford them this year. Is there any real threat to these positions or are they really just smoke and mirrors??


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      Florida testing candidates

      Good luck with the testing in Florida. Most candidates don't really read the entire posting on line from the HR department. Don't be afraid to contact a person diretly in the HR department and discuss any unsetteling questions you might have.



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        Just applied for this. Anyone know how many they expect to hire?


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          Does any department in FL not require you to already be FL certified before applying? I would love to relocate to FL, but I can not take time off my current job now to fly to Orlando to obtain my FL certs. That is assumming that they will accept all of my MS IFSAC and ProBoard training. It's very frustrating.


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            The only dept. that I know of was Miami-Dade County. You did not necessarily need the certs, although it was preference. I tested about 2 years ago or so, and they never had any classes off of it.

            Otherwise you can always check out Florida Fire Standards. There is a way to challenge their certifications. It's all based on hours of specific fields that are covered I believe.


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              Contact the HR department, some will allow you to test as long as you are in the process of gaining reciprocity.


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                you need florida certs. florida doesnt accept others.


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                  I got an email Friday with a spreadsheet full of 992 names and dates to take the FireTEAM test, plus 28 more that have already passed it and dont have to retest. I take mine on 8/31. I "heard" they were hiring 20, but I sure hope its more with that many people scheduled to test.


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                    I just recieved my email too, I test on 9/1.


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                      Just got my scores. I got an 89. Does anyone know how many they will be interviewing?


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                        I got mine the other day too. I got a 90.something. Did you do your CPAT yet? I passed mine on the 18th.


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                          Haven't taken the cpat yet, I signed up for the one on Oct 23rd. How was the cpat?


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                            It's the same as usual if you've ever done it before. They have you watch the CPAT video we watched at the written test and fill out some paper work. Bring a snack if your last name is towards the end of the alphabet cause you'll be there a while! Everyone was was real cool there though. Good luck!


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                              Has anyone heard any rumors as to class size or projected start date?


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