Hi all:

I'm new to this forum and firefighting and have been finding all the advice on this website very helpful in discerning whether or not firefighting would be a good career move. I've done some personal research into this and think it would something I would be very passionate and dedicated, too.

I'm currently working out of state in a completely different field and just started a six-month course for EMT-B to get ready to apply to PF&R trainee program. I am getting quite wary of corporate work life and very excited to enter this next stage. I had a couple of questions of which I hope some of you with more experience in the PF&R process can help with:

> When is the next expected recruitment supposed to be? Sometime in 2011? I have already signed up for the recruitment notification list but have no idea when PF&R will be looking for trainees.

> Do any of you have experience being hired to either PF&R or other places with no experience? I come from an engineering background.

> I am 28 years old and in pretty good shape, though I had a minor back injury a couple of years ago of which is getting better each year, but still doing PT at home. Would this be an issue in the medical evaluation? (if I ever get to that point!)

> Family firefighters out there: Any experience on what its like to be a firefighter with a family? (newborns, young kids)

Thank you very much! I'd very much appreciate any thoughts and input and hope to continue this converesation through this thread.

All the best,