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  • not a fire fighter...yet?

    Hey all...

    1st time poster...so go easy...but have some questions about becoming a fire fighter.

    Aside from my time in the Navy doing basic EMT and firefighting I've never done anything really...no one in my family does or really anyone I know (my best friend is a cop...but that's a little different)

    not sure why this is calling to me...but it is...

    but, here's the thing, I'm 32 years old...in good shape and actually wanting to do a job that means something (corporate america is not for me anymore)

    but, am I too old to start? should I content myself with being a volly somewhere? or...say screw it and give 110% and try?

    I know each city is different...so answers may vary...but...just curious.

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    Hi Mobious,

    What was your rate in the service? I was DC for 5 years.
    Anywho...is this job for you? Well that is truly a question only you, yourself can answer. Do you really want it? Do you want to be a FF, and willing to do what it takes?
    Answer that first before jumping in.

    So at 32, yes you can still get on the job, there are many fire departments that do not have an age limit and many that go to 35. Your military time will help with that requirement too, because you may be able to subtract your time in service from the age deadline. So say the limit is 35, you have 4 years in and you are 39...you can still apply for the job.

    Second...what kind of schooling do you have? do you have a Associates, Bachelors or what? Some departments ask for A.S. in Fire Protection, but many will take a bachelors degree too. If no prior FF experience...look into a local tech or community college and get your FF certifications. Those along with a degree will look good to many depts.

    As for your Navy FF training...don't count on that for an experience factor, even if you were DC. Also most military qualifications don't work into what a Human resources dept looks for. (IE) If the qualifications needed are degree, FF1, FF2 certification or so many hours as a FF. Don't count on the military experience to help you...Most HR personnel don't know what a rate, MOS is let alone OSL, access/overhaul, locker leader etc.

    Anyway if you are in the corporate world...chances are you have some type of education....if not, take the FF certification courses...at least you would know if you want to do the job. Also it helps to get on a volunteer dept....many of those will help pay for certification classes.

    As for 32....In my hiring class there was a 30, 31 and 37 y/o, so you have some time. I'll be 32 this July. Good luck to you and hope it works out for you.
    The thoughts and opinions posted here are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the thoughts and or views of city or dept affiliation.


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