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  • BPFire1618
    (Small rural town)
    Available apparatus:
    Car 1
    Engines 1 and 2
    Tankers 3 and 4 (1850 gallon tankers)
    Rescue 5
    Brush 6
    ALS 7
    BLS 8

    Mutual Aid:
    Engine 10
    Tankers 11 and 12
    Brush 13
    Brush 14
    Car 20
    Engine 21 (standby)
    Tanker 22 (standby)

    Initial Dispatch: Fire department requested to respond, report of a large brush and grass fire at 313 Route 33, called in by PD. PD reports fire approximately 50 by 50 feet. Fire is approximately 200 feet from the nearest structure.

    (Nearest hydrant is 1/2 mile away at a pond)

    My Response:
    Car, both engines, both tankers, brush, BLS 8, Fire Police to control traffic.
    Auto Mutual Aid: Tankers 11 and 12, Brushes 13 and 14, Car 20

    1. Car 1 parks on the opposite side of the street, setting up a command post.
    2. Engine 1 parks at roadside and pulls an inch and 3/4 handline and begins their attack. Engineer sets up for tanker shuttle.
    2. Tanker 3 drops port-a-tank next to E1 and dumps its load, then heads to source. Tanker 4 stands by to drop load.
    3. Engine 2 sets up water source at the pond.
    4. BLS 8 sets up for rehab.
    5. Brush 6 grabs gear and begins to build a firebreak.
    6. Mutual aid engine used for manpower while tankers fall into shuttle operation. Car meets with command post.
    7. Mutual aid brush used for firebreak on another side of the fire.
    8. Firefighter down, injured when fallen down a small ravine, F/Fs cannot reach him. Mutual Aid E10 reassigned to work on rescue operation. Rescue 6 and ALS 7 toned. Mutual aid ambulance called to cover district.
    9. Rescue 6 sets up a rapelling rig to rescue downed F/F. Upon rescuing, F/F is evacuated to ALS 7. ALS 7 transports to hospital.
    10. Fire extinguished, mutual aid companies thanked and released. Crews police up hose and while brush truck checks tree stumps for heat. Fire Marshal called for investigation.

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  • GTRider245
    That would also ban about 90 percent of the humor from this thread. You have to admit, they are funny.

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  • res54cuecaptain
    ........and ban all blue light threads?

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  • CaptainMikey
    quick idea, could someone who knows webteam, have this put as a sticky?

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  • FFDexplorer2
    Originally posted by RFRDxplorer
    Here it may be a little different as our entire response area is hydranted.
    Only our downtown area is hydranted, and thats barely one square mile out of six that we cover. So, water is our biggest issue, even in our hydrant area, ther isnt enough sometimes. Our hydrants are only 50 psi, and some are less.

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  • ProbyFF1
    Scenario reply

    I would have Medic 8, Rescue 5, and Engine 1 go directly to the scene and i would put up flares and make sure the scene is secure (No unexpected vehicles come and no people in the way of getting the job done) while the other trucks make sure there is no fire and or any other malfunction. Then i would make sure ALS had enough help on that one rig to extricate the 2 victums. once the victums were clear then i would put down some speedy dry if needed for any spilled fluids and call the wrecker to haul the vehicle out.

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  • RFDExplorer
    For a grease fire we would roll one engine. Being that I am in Southern California, we never "overdo" a call. Overdoing a call is what helped the Fire Seige 2003 incident get so bad. If I was rolling to a grease fire and then we got toned out for a vegetation fire, we would make a quick stop at the grease fire and then roll code 3 to the vegetation fire. Fires tend to spread really fast in the Summer so no time can be lost. But then again not everyone lives in a desert.

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  • backsteprescue
    Originally posted by FFDexplorer2
    Like I said, every commander thinks and acts differently. Thats just how I would do it. I am a big fan of calling for more than you need, because its easier to return unneded companies, than it is to call and wait for more. Thats my favorite strategy, whats yours?

    A- FREAKING-MEN!!!!!!!!!

    I am also a fan of bringing more help than may be needed, but there are exceptions. On our first-out engine they have a TIC which the officer would bring in as the FF's stretched the line. We probably would end up rolling a medic code 2. Here it may be a little different as our entire response area is hydranted.

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  • FFDexplorer2
    Well, around here, any type of fire in the kitchen area of a restaraunt brings 2 engines and a ladder code 1(l+s) and both ambulances code 1. but in a deot where a tanker was available, and I had the manpower for it, I would have rolled them code 2(l/no s) just in case, the fire had spread unseen in a venthilation unit or in the walls. and that assignment would have all but cleared our station, thus the need for a cover engine and ambulance. Like I said, every commander thinks and acts differently. Thats just how I would do it. I am a big fan of calling for more than you need, because its easier to return unneded companies, than it is to call and wait for more. Thats my favorite strategy, whats yours?

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  • backsteprescue
    Maybe circumstances are different where you live, but for a grease fire with no exposures inside the building I do not think that I would rool that much equipment.

    Our daytime response would probably look like this:

    Medic 793 (Medic unit)
    ALS Engine 794 (could be sent code 2 per 793 or Chief 200)
    Truck 791 (code 2 most likely)
    Chief 200 and/or Chief 201

    Nighttime response would probably look like this:

    ALS Engine 794
    Truck 791 (code 2 most likely)
    Chief 200 and or Chief 201
    Medic 793 (at IC's request)

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  • FFDexplorer2
    and now for one of mine

    If you dont mind, I have one of my own.

    Available units.
    Engine 1 holds 1500 gallons
    Engine 2 (best pump, oldest truck) holds 1750 gallons
    Engine 4 holds 1000 gallons
    Ladder 1 a 100 ft aerial ladder
    Forestry 1 holds 250 gallons, with a 500 gpm pump
    Rescue 2 has extrication tools and 8 spare air packs
    2 ALS ambulances 850 and 851

    Mutual Aid
    16 engine 1
    16 ladder 1
    16 ambulance 1
    16 tanker 1
    16 c1
    3 engine 1,2,3,4,5
    350 BLS ambulance
    450 Paramedic ambulance ( up to three available if absolutely necessary
    2 engines (engine 1 or 4
    1 tanker (engine7)
    1 chief
    1 ladder

    companies more than 5 mins away
    1 tanker 1
    1 engine 1
    1 ladder 1
    25 engine 1
    8 tanker 1
    5 tanker 1

    Dispatch: 12:35 pm possible structure fire, 1280 meaderboro rd, near the town line (the town being the 16- units) call came in from neighbor, saw heavy smoke coming from attic of 2 1/2 story house with attatched barn
    unknown if anyone is home or inside at the time.

    Car 1 responding. 1 minute passes and you have enough personnel responding to man 3 trucks plus the ambulance day crew. The area is about 5 or 6 miles out of town, with no hydrants in a 5 mile area. it is a five or 6 minute ride from the station to the address. dispatch reports multiple calls now, both neighbors and passerby, heavy smoke and possible flames from the attic.

    The mutual aid compainies listed here are enough for a good second alarm. use them as you see fit.

    There is a water source about 2 miles down the road, you pass it on your way to the address.

    You arrive on scene and find a 2 and 1/2 story wood frame residential, heavy flames and smoke showing from the attic. Two cars in the driveway, a woman and two kids standing just in the street watching, the woman tells you that her husband has a fire extinguisher and went upstairs to try and control the blaze. She says he left about 5 minutes ago.
    at this time Engine 1 and Ladder 1 is responding. Engine 4 will be in about 30 seconds. as well, 850 is approaching the scene, it has two air packs in it, and the EMTs are crosstrained a firefighters too.

    You may add in assignments that you would make while responding.
    Last edited by FFDexplorer2; 08-10-2006, 10:32 AM.

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  • FFDexplorer2
    2nd call

    This is my response for the second call. I wont critique you, but I'll say what I would do, since every commander thinks differently.

    Car 11 responding direct.
    Tone me a cover ambulance and cover engine.

    Engine 1 pull up to the front doors and stretch a foam line into the building.
    Engine 2 tie in to the hydrant and send your crew inside with the thermal imager.
    Tanker 3 stage in the street.
    Rescue 5 commence primary search.
    Medic 8 treat burned employee, medic 9 assess any other possible injuries.
    Truck 6 stage in rear of building.

    Engine 1 extinguish fire.
    Engine 2 check for extension
    Rescue 5 stage at apparatus
    Truck 6 commence venthilation
    Medic 8 transporting one to local hospital
    Medic 9 in svc at the scene.
    Tanker 3 in svc at the scene

    Engine 1 and truck 6 to remain on scene to vent and pick up
    Engine 2, Rescue 5, Medic9, Tanker 3 clear returning in svc.
    Thank the cover ambulance and engine and they can clear our station.

    Engine1 and truck 6 in svc returning
    Command terminated.

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  • FFDexplorer2
    1st call

    This is my reply for the first call:

    Start me medic 9, and get me a cover ambulance from another town, also tone the fire dept again for station coverage.

    Engine 1 park in a blocking position, and proceed to safe the vehicle (namely disconnect the battery)

    Rescue 5 pull up next to the vehicle and proceed to extricate.

    After extrication:

    Rescue 5 in on scene available for calls
    Engine 1 will be tied up awaiting the tow truck
    Medic 8 and 9 evaluating 2 at this time

    Road is open pd controlling traffic.

    After patient evaluation:

    Medic 8 transporting 1 to nearby hospital, 1 signoff. Medic 9 in service returning
    Rescue 5 in service returning

    Engine 1 assisting tow truck then returning in svc.
    Command terminated.

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  • BPFire1618
    Next Call:

    Fire department, ambulance, and medic requested to respond to report of a grease fire at Joe's Diner. One person reported burned from the fire, PD on scene reports no other injuries or exposures in the building.

    Units I would dispatch to scene:
    Engine 1
    Tanker 3
    Rescue 5
    Medic 8
    Car 11
    (Available fire marshal)

    Units placed on standby in quarters or code 2 response (no lights/siren):
    Engine 2

    1st. Engine company ensures building is evacuated while Medic 8 treats primary victim and ensures other customers/employees are not hurt, tanker stands by to begin shuttle operations if nessecary.
    2nd. Rescue company attempts to shut off gas line.
    3rd. Engine company extinguishes remaining fire.
    4th. Rescue company employs fans to remove smoke from building while monitoring for fire spread with Thermal Imaging Camera.
    5th. Scene turned over to Fire Marshal for investigation.

    (Feel free to critique anything you see wrong here.)

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  • BPFire1618
    My department also doesn't tone specific trucks, so from now on I guess we'll just go without specifics and let the person figure out what rigs they want. Just try to stick to the same department and equipment for future scenarios if you can, I mean that's pretty flexible with what is there, but if you have to change something go ahead.

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