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"I swear i'll never forget......"

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  • "I swear i'll never forget......"

    other than 9/11(which we will always remember weather civilian or firefighter, ems, or police) what have you guys seen that you will never forget.
    mine will always be the first, and only victim so far, to be pulled out of a burning building. which by the way he died of asphyxiation(sp).
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    Gonna have to add a similiar story also, mine will also be the first burn patient (unfortunatley hasnt been the only one)that I treated. Still remember the day like it was yesterday, on the way back from a EMS run we cleared our ambulance up from the hospital and got dispatched to a reported fire alarm activation. (I was only a EMS cadet at the time because my dept didnt have Fire dept cadets YET)so off we go. As we pull up on scene we grabbed the stairchair and medical bag and headed for the lobby to set up Triage. This was a 6 story Apartment building for the Older Folks. So we had handicapped people,bed ridden people all types. EMS command told us to report to the 3rd floor stairwell. Fire was on the 5th floor, we were to wait for any possible victims because the person in the apartment is unaccounted for. So the alarms still sounding, water is flowing down the stairwell. It wasnt fun to be wet in the winter time. so we are standing there all of a sudden we hear the Firefighters upstairs yelling EMS EMS VICTIM VICTIM GET UP HERE NOW!!!!!!!!! Off we went to the 4th floor they met us down the stairs and to my surprise was a lifeless body burned very badly. I put my gloves on and went to work. We carried her down the stairs and the smell was horrible. Long story short did a little CPR and called for a Helicopter to transport to burn center. Im not sure if she survived but she had a pulse when we were putting her into the helicopter. Sorry for the long story but you asked for it! My 2nd burn victim was a man who was cought in a flash fire while on his boat, but that didnt bother me as much as the first one did.
    New Jersey


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      Ill put in mine.

      Mine will have to be my first structure fire.
      It was Election Night and we were having a shorter fire school than usual. My mother was working the polls downstairs and said that the firemen were all upstairs I went up for a while and then I went down the road a bit so my mom could give in the results we got back into the car and went home we took a hill we dont usually take. We stepped out of the car and headed for the house when a man came running down the street shouting for my mother. "Donna Donna call the fire Department that house is on fire." I looked at her ad she said "go" And I was off and by the time I hit the sidewalk the tones were dropping. I got around the corner and I'll never forget how the flames were shooting five feet up from the second story window whats worse is this was my best friends old house. I had many memories of this house. I am glad that it was no longer theirs but felt sorry for their uncle who had bought and was remodeling it I didnt know as much then as I do now. Thanks to Basic Essentials of FireFighting. But I will never forget how I watched the house burn for a good 3 seconds then I thought what I could do to help. And I cycled through remembering the chiefs words in my head. Rescue. Neighbors. I got the neighbors out. I did it once more at a fire. But I havent done it since and this time I hope to be on the hoseline knocking down the fire.
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        My first call, and older lady with her grandchildren feel asleep and hit a tree, it was a rather small tree, but still.

        My first structure fire. A chimney fire, on our border, we did it with the company that it bordered too.

        Its somewhat firematic, but the day my good freidn Tony died, he was like a grandfather to me, active member of the dept. I will never forget that, or him either.

        My first structure fire as a Captain.

        My first call where someone passed on, a family friend.

        And my first major mva, toyota pickup truck vs. a semi, head on.

        Yeah, I remember a lot.


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